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Canadian Human rights museum spreads false claims of “unmarked graves”

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights, an institution Canadians are supposed to have trust in is eroding its own public trust with fact denying public statements.

On Saturday, May 27, 2023 the Canadian Human rights Museum claimed there were “remains of 215 children were discovered in unmarked graves at the Kamloops Indian Residential School.” the Museums thread started.

After two years since the announcement of underground anomalies being discovered at former residential school properties.

“Since then, more unmarked grave sites have been uncovered and there are still thousands of children who never came home from residential schools and whose graves have never been found.”

The post was then fact checked by Twitter community notes with the following write up.

Twitter community Notes:

No human remains have so far been found at the KIRS site, but 215 soil disturbances were found. https://www.dorchesterreview.ca/blogs/news/in-kamloops-not-one-body-has-been-found

The RCMP has not been allowed to investigate, and Dr. Beaulieu stated that ground penetrating radar is not capable of determining if a disturbance is human remains.





The Canadian Museum for Human Rights locked down the comments after facing a flood of public backlash calling out the museum for spreading fake news.

Twitter users began to post the facts in the comment section pointing out no bodies have been discovered in the two years since underground anomalies were discovered.

User started to tag Twitter community notes to add more context.

“@CommunityNotes Much needed on this topic. No remains have ever been found. These claims are based on ground radar analysis, which can easily include false positives. No remains have ever been found.” tweeted user @StreamerDarkly.

One twitter user by the name of @tecfeed replied “Where’s the evidence of the “remains” of “children”? It’s as if the propagandists are affraid to do anymore digging because it will kill their narrative. Such as” with an emoji pointing down to a link they added that points to a CBC article titled “No remains uncovered at former Camsell Hospital site“.

“Crews wrapped up the search for unmarked graves at the site of the former Camsell Hospital on Friday after no human remains were found.” the CBC reported at the time of the excavation.

Nearly another 2 dozen “unmarked graves” were dug up over the next few days and found absolutely nothing with no other excavations scheduled to take place.

“Thirteen spots flagged by ground-penetrating radar were dug up earlier this summer. Over the past two days another 21 such anomalies were uncovered but only found debris.”

Another user by the name of Pontificating Paul pointed out the ground penetrating radar company wouldn’t even go as far to claim the underground anomalies were actually bodies and said it is irresponsible for any one to do so.

“You realize that IF these are child remains, the explanations are plenty:” the tweet began and listed some other causes to take into account.

“1) Many diseases may have caused known and recorded deaths

2) graves were marked with sml wooden crosses that would be consumed by the elements over 50-100 years Being quick to construct a narrative without evidence suggests an agenda.”

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