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Canadian Armed Forces ending vaccine mandate this summer

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is dropping its Covid-19 vaccination mandate to align with the federal government, says a leak directive from Defence Staff Gen. Wayne Eyre

All Canadian Force members that either refused to get “vaccinated” against Covid-19 or stand on moral ground supporting freedom of choice and medical privacy have a chance to re-enroll, according to details of the leaked documents of the military’s revised vaccination policy.

The Covid-19 vaccine policy that was introduced in October 2021 was revised and will be unveiled this summer, according to Ottawa Citizen.

Current service members will no longer need to show their proof of vaccination and new members aren’t required to be “fully vaccinated”.

“Suspending the requirement for CAF members to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will require significant administrative effort to address the files of members who were not compliant with the CDS directives on CAF COVID-19 vaccination,” the leaked directive states.

This revisal comes just one month after the federal government suspended, not ended, the vaccine mandates for domestic travel, federal employees, and RCMP officers.

Those facing unsuitable for further release were given a written warning, a grace period to reconsider their decision and finally be put through an administrative process which ultimately led to their dismissal. 

Edmonton lawyer Catherine Christensen, representing almost 300 former Canadian Forces members kicked to the curb because of their vaccine status, is starting a lawsuit against the government for the claimants seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from the government.

“These people have lost income, promotions and pensions,” said Christensen. “These people being released are outstanding soldiers. It’s unbelievable the quality of the people the military is losing.”

Military law expert and Edmonton attorney Catherine Christensen referred to the re-enrolment clause as “smoke and mirrors.” because only the chief of the defence staff can re-admit someone who has been released under a 5(f) “unsuitable for further service”, Christensen says she doesn’t believe the CAF will be welcoming back these unvaccinated members anytime soon.

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