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BC firefighter reinstated after Justice Centre demand letter

Earlier this month the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) broke news a BC firefighter will be returning to work with accommodations for his exemption.

A legal warning letter to the CSRD on April 22, 2022 by JCCF demanding that Mr. Nygard be accommodated in his request for a religious exemption from CSRD’s mandatory Covid vaccine policy.

Mr. Nygard is one of at least 30 volunteer firefighters in the CSRD that were forced out of their positions because they refused to get the Covid shot.

Forest fires are very common in B.C. and the dangers get worse in the summer. With staffing shortages already hitting many departments, removing 30 volunteers only compromises the lives and safety of the people that live in the potential forest fire areas of the province.

The exemption from the vaccine mandate Mr. Nygard made was based on first his religious beliefs but he also did a lot of research in order to weigh his own personal risk benefit of both from catching Covid-19 and from the Covid “vaccine” and their associated risks, including severe allergic reactions and death.

Mr. Nygard previously caught Covid-19 when he was out fighting forest fires in 2021 and therefore has natural acquired immunity against Covid-19. He is a man with religious beliefs and not wanting to compromise his commitment to his faith.

“Mr. Nygard is pleased that CSRD granted an exemption, and is hopeful the District either cancels the vaccine mandate altogether, or will grant exemptions to other firefighters who are unable to take a Covid vaccine for various legitimate reasons,” says Ms. Le Beau.

“The community is safer having Mr. Nygard back on duty, and will be safer still if the 30 members lost can resume their duties,” she concludes.

One British Columbian resident is possibly the first in Canada to receive approval for the vaccine injury support.

While Dr. Bonnie Henry is facing court challenges to her mandatory vaccine regime and vaccine passports.

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