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Premier “David Eby Is Not My Doctor” says Recall Eby proponent

When Bill 36, Health Professions and Occupations Act (HPOA) recently pass which will make radical changes to how the healthcare system is regulated, it sparked a movement to Recall Eby. The movement is spearheaded by Proponent Salvatore Vetro.

The focus of the Recall Eby campaign is Bill 36, “We are recalling Premier Eby so we can choose a leader who respects everyone’s right to quality healthcare in BC.” it says on the Recall Eby website.

If the recall petition is successful it would removed David Eby from his MLA seat in that riding but he would remain the BC NDP leader and Premier of British Columbia governing the province from outside of the legislature.

In the first few days of David Eby being sworn in as B.C’s new Premier, On November 24th Bill 36 was approved and made law.

Vetro accurately points out that David abruptly ended all debates and discussions and didn’t properly inform the public on Bill 36.

“Bill 36 does not have the support of the people. No constituency town hall meetings to explain what Bill 36 is.  Zip!! Nada!!” Vetro told BC Rise.

The bill has flown under the radar and not many people know about it. The new legislation gives the province total control over medical professionals not limited to doctors and nurses but includes many others like optometrists and chiropractors.

“David Eby Is Not My Doctor” Vetro told BC Rise in an email

The new law gives the province overreaching to compel medical professionals to release private clinical records to the government without seeking a court order.

The regulator bodies will be reduced and the elected bored members with experience and knowledge in they field they are regulating will removed and replaced with unelected and government appoint bored members.

Critics are saying Bill 36 is a medical censorship law that’s creating an “environment of censorship“, discourages debates and encourages professionals to snitch on each other for spreading “false or misleading” information which remains undefined and no details of who decides what “false or misleading” information is and how.

Penalties for individuals who commit such undefined offence under the legislation includes fines ranging between $25,000 and $200,000 and jail for up to two years.

It also imposes a vaccine mandate on all medical professionals not limited to Covid-19 but any “vaccine” the province deems necessary to work in the healthcare industry.

Rob Johnson is a dentist in Salmon Arm, B.C. said that healthcare needs less of the top-down bureaucracy decision making because they are too far removed from the people working and getting care, he suggests moving in the other direction “decentralizing everything, and creating a networking model instead.”

David Leis, the Frontier Centre for Public Policy’s vice-president of engagement and development, said Bill 36 is “entirely inappropriate

“Bill 36 is a full-frontal assault on the professional integrity and freedom of the health-care professions. This is entirely inappropriate. It undermines the primary accountability of these professions to science and to the needs of the patient,” Leis told The Epoch Times.

“I think this should be of grave concern to those professional bodies, and they need to wake up and assert their autonomy before it’s too late. That’s for the sake of patient health care. That’s who they serve, not the state.”

Salvatore Vetro was a driver for handy dart for the disabled in Vancouver for 25 years but now retired.

Vetro established the B.C. First Party in 2010. He served as the official financial representative for the petition opposing the harmonized sales tax, which Gordon Campbell’s government implemented in 2009 but abandoned in 2013 as the result of a vote.

“He’s a dictator not a leader. Invoked closure, threatened heath care workers to comply or you will be fined, taken to jail, lose your license and he doesn’t give to hoots about out health care workers. No jab No job. Not to mention his blatant abuse of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Vetro told BC Rise, “What ever happen to ‘My Body My Choice’ ‘David Eby Is Not My Doctor’. Keep politics out of Health Care.”

Vetro said to find a canvasser will be simple to find as the Recall Eby movement have set up a website with details. They are currently looking for more volunteers to help canvass. On their website they have a page with information of where to find a location with a canvasser with a table set up to sign and witness signatures.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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