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PHO denies immunity from recent Covid-19 infections are superior to a 2 year old “primary series”: Health Care worker mandate

For several months emergency room closures and deadly delays waiting for care have become common place in British Columbia with this BC NDP government at the helm. This year is starting off much as the same as last year with Dr. Bonnie Henry grasping the Covid-19 “vaccine” mandates with a death grip refusing to let them go preventing thousands of health care workers from working.

Dr. Bonnie Henry claims the Covid-19 mandates for healthcare workers are for your health and safety while also expressing her hate for people that don’t get the Covid-19 shot, “I have very little patience for people who aren’t immunized in health care” Henry said in the fall of 2021.

Shortly after Henry announced her hate for health care workers who value theirs and others individual body autonomy she laid off close to 6000 unvaccinated healthcare workers in the fall of 2001.

Other provinces across Canada including medical professional regulatory bodies have done away with health care worker Covid-19 vaccine mandate because of staffing shortages and delays, yet Premier David Eby and Health Minister Adrian Dix turn a blind eye to the mandate and the harm its causing for British Columbians seeking health care.

Non of these health officials or bureaucrats have explained “the why” for the governments decision to impose vaccine mandates on workers which was highlighted in the provinces Covid-19 response report. The report concluded the government has not shared the rationale for a decision or the evidence to support them when it comes to Covid-19 related decision making.

A baby dropping dead while waiting for care would sound the alarms for any normal person that the health care system is in desperate need of workers right now, not six months or a year down the road.

Dr. Bonnie Henry admits broad measures will not stop transmission and infection of Covid and the measures had “very important negative health impacts” on the public. Henry then claims other people getting the Covid-19 vaccine “gives added protection for those who don’t have a strong response” to the Covid-19 vaccine.

The healthcare system in British Columbia is on life support after its cracks were exposed during the pandemic.

At a presser on January 13, 2023 Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and Health Minister Adrian Dix gave an update about the annual raspatory illness season but didn’t provide any details when the unvaccinated workers and presumed unvaccinated will be allowed back to work or if they have been served termination slips.

British Columbia is 1 of the only 2 provinces in Canada that still impose a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on their health care workers, the other being Nova Scotia. While all the other provinces welcomed back unvaccinated healthcare workers last year to relieve staffing shortage issues, B.C. is doubling down.

Instead of letting thousands of nurses and other medical professionals get back to work to address staffing shortages, The approach B.C. will be taking is to make it easier to import vaccinated, internationally educated nurses (IENs) to get registered and licensed.

The plan was unveiled last spring, earlier this week Eby provided more details.

“Supporting nurses is key to our work to making healthcare accessible to all British Columbians. Still, the demand for nurses is outpacing the supply,” said Eby.

IENs will not be required to pay upfront, application and assessment fees which could run costs of $3,700 or more. The province has decided to make British Columbians taxpayers foot the bill.

Knowing everything we know today about the Covid-19 virus and the waning effectiveness of the so-called Covid-19 vaccine including it doesn’t stop transmission or infection, Dr. Bonnie Henry asked a bizarre question pretending personal private medical information should be public.

“Would you rather be the only person vaccinated in your community or the only person unvaccinated and everybody else in your community is vaccinated?” asked Dr. Bonnie Henry adding “And that’s an important thing to think about.”

With the healthcare’s system brought to its knees hanging on by a Nano sized thread riddled with Emergency Room closures, staffing shortages and delays with deadly outcomes the BC government is not budging on its radical Covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers.

When asked if the province will change their Covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers “The short answer is no” Dr. Bonnie Henry said adding “we’re not contemplating changes to the requirements to vaccination [Covid-19 vaccine] in our health care system”

Dr. Bonnie Henry said there was a “small number” of healthcare workers that didn’t get the Covid shots or they value their rights to personal medical information privacy have been ousted from their positions in healthcare for “some time”, Dr. Bonnie Henry did define what she meant.

“the small number of people that chose not to be vaccinated have, um, uh uh, have not been in the system for some time and, um,…..” Bonnie Henry said.

She followed up by redirecting the answer into promoting the Covid shots and cult like belief saying if someone wants to work in health care they must become part of the collective and get vaccinated to be one of them, referring to the Covid-19 shot and not all the other vaccines they already have.

“we know how important it is to have that protection individually but also collectively around supporting each other in the healthcare system” said Dr. Bonnie Henry.

The way Bill 36 is written it gives the government the ability to dictate to health care workers what vaccine to put in their body and when with no limit on either which has surfaced concerns the province will force health care workers to stay “up-to-date” with their Covid-19 vaccine evading their rights to bodily autonomy.

According to Dr. Bonnie Henry the concept of immunity is two shots of the Covid-19 vaccine adding the “primary series”, as she implies individuals still have immunity from the second shot even if the second shot was nearly 2 years ago contrary to a study by CDC in the USA concluding after 150-plus days, the effectiveness dropped to just 12 percent.

“In terms of the concept of immunity. What the requirement is and will continue to be is a primary series. So what ever that primary series is and for most people that is 2 doses of vaccine”

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