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Bonnie Henry still refusing to lift unscientific and illogical COVID-19 mandates while other provinces end theirs

Bonnie Henry wants to keep vaccine passports and mask mandates, won’t commit to a date for lifting them.

Earlier this week at the hysterical COVID-19 update Bonnie Henry said she has no plans to lift the unscientific and illogical vaccine passport mandates for the province.

Restrictions still in place across the province — like mask and vaccine passport mandates — could be lifted over the next three weeks.

With vaccine passports ending in other provinces Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, P.E.I., Newfoundland, Ontario, Quebec, Labrador and already committed to a date for lifting the vaccine passport and masks. Like always B.C. lags behind the science because of the unelected health officials Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix are still drunk with power and hope to force British Columbians in to getting more shots.

The unelected health official Bonnie Henry is also increasing unemployment rates by firing all government employees if they do not comply with unconstitutional and unscientific COVID-19 vaccine mandates while she still allows infected so called “fully vaccinated” workers to still work and spread the virus.

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  1. This has to come to an end is crippling small businesses and totally demoralizing ,is she a WEF follower ,sounds like it .

  2. That “we are following the science” ship has long sailed. Do you have any idea of the long term chaos, family damage, brainwashing of the public you are doing? Do you even care, or are you so consumed by the power you have been given. You are a total disgrace to Canada, BC and the medical profession
    You should be arrested and charged with crimes againest humanity.

  3. Most professionals are aware of the 17,000 international expert Drs. and scientists who co-ordinate data and evidence which contradicts Bonnie Henry’s medical tyranny. (see worldcouncilforhealth.org) She is supported by John Horgan and Adrian Dix who should at this point be recalled for their either incompetent or criminally negligent management of the “pandemic”. Stop the mandates. I was fired as a nurse for not getting “vaccinated” with the gene therapy. I have natural immunity post-C-vid so there are risks to my health to take the jab. Suppressing early treatment which would save 80% of hospitalizations has cost lives. We need to respect our Charter rights and return to bodily autonomy to prevent this unethical breach of our privacy and our lives. Stand up and do not comply or this will not end here.

  4. Bonnie Henry is the poorest excuse for a politician in our country, outside of Turdo and his minions. She deserves to be summarily disgraced and thrown out of office, then charged with crimes against humanity for her murderous behaviour.


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