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Feds give B.C. $870 million to support flood and wildfire recovery

The federal government will be giving British Columbia a $870 million payment to support disaster response and recovery for damage caused by wildfires and floods that devastated communities last year,

on Monday, July 18, 2022, after the meeting of the Committee of British Columbia and Federal Ministers on Disaster Response and Climate Resilience The federal public safety minister, Bill Blair made the announcement.

“The partnerships that have been built and now exist, and the funding we are delivering, all are going to make a significant difference to make our communities stronger tomorrow and into the future,” said Blair

Farmland was flooded, numerous major highways had sections washed out, and there was extensive flooding and landslides as a result of the so-called “atmospheric river.”

Provincial Public Safety Minister Mike said it takes time to get money from the federal government but most of the cash will go toward rebuilding damaged infrastructure, both public and private, caused by record-setting rainfall hit southern B.C. last November.

The joint group was established last year in response to the numerous flooding and wildfire catastrophes that hit BC and destroyed houses, roads, and bridges. It included representatives from First Nations. A total of 46,000 BC people were compelled to evacuate last year due to the disasters.

The $870 million the province will be receiving is a portion of $5 million that was premised by the federal government under the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements program. The program allows for 15% of the funding to be used to “build back better” than what previously existed previously.

The funds will be used to repair damaged public and private infrastructure, including road and flood improvements in both cities and highways throughout the province, according to BC public safety minister and committee co-chair Mike Farnworth.

When Blair and Farnworth was asked what is the top priority projects they see specifically that will get down they were unable to provide any type of idea.

This new injection of cash is additional to the $207 million transferred earlier to the Province last month.

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