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BC political parties call on BC NDP to ease the pain at the pump

It’s no secret the British Columbians have been feeling the most pain at the pump for the longest. As of the recent few months the prices seemed to have leveled off around the $2/Litre mark.

Life is getting more unaffordable as the costs of living continue to soar British Columbians and studies say the carbon tax has been proven to contribute to the inflation problem.

To ease the issue of affordability BC United wants the BC NDP to “ease the pain at the pump” while the BC Conservative Party calls to “Axe the carbon tax”.

“Over 50% of British Columbians say they are struggling to make ends meet.” tweeted Kevin Falcon leader of the BC United Party (formerly BC Liberals) and called for the BC NDP to releive the pressure at the pumps.

“Yet, in the middle of an affordability crisis, gas prices are soaring once again under this NDP government. It’s time for real action. We need to end the pain at the pumps”

British Columbia created the first ever carbon tax and British Columbians have been getting crushed by it for 15 years. In 2008 then BC Liberals, now BC United introduced the very first carbon tax in Canada.

One hour before Kevin Falcon posted his call to “end the pain at the pumps” the BC Conservative posted their own message calling to eliminate the carbon tax.

“British Columbians are suffering at the pumps and the BC NDP and BC United (BC Liberals) continue to support a carbon tax.” the official BC Conservative twitter account

“AXE THE CARBON TAX!” the tweet ends echoing the platform pledge from 2009 to “Eliminate the Carbon Tax

In May 2022 House of Commons finance committee heard from Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklemthat federal carbon taxes that were $50 per tonne added 0.4 percentage points to Canada’s realized inflation rate. Reported Financial Post.

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