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NDP MP Charlie Angus mocks decease woman with divisive political game

“A woman died because she prefered to fight for disinformation, anti-vaxx bullshit and conspiracy.”

On Friday Roman Baber slammed Alberta health on social media for denying a life saving organ transplant to a patient.

Baber was responding to the latest news about an Alberta woman named Sheila Lewis whom was left to die

“The Canada Health Act forbids discrimination, but Sheila Lewis was denied a transplant because of lawful medical choice.” Baber posted on social media.

Baber said “her death is a tragic failure of medical ethics and administration of justice” vowing to fight it to the last day of his career.

Charlie Angus a member of parliament for Canadas far left-wing New Democrat Party took the time to slander Sheila Lewis calling her a conspiracy theorist and a believer of “disinformation” but didn’t provide any examples of the so-called conspiracy theories or so-called disinformation.

This is the link to the now deleted original tweet but has been saved in the Internet Archive to be viewed.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) announced last week on Thursday that Lewis had died.

“Justice delayed is often justice denied,” tweeted the JCCF.

“The decision to remove Ms. Lewis from the transplant list over her COVID vaccination status may have cost Ms. Lewis her life.”

Angus was blasted by Canadians criticizing him for his inappropriate comments he made of the decease Canadian that was refused a life saving surgery because of an illogical requirement.

As the comments started flooding in far leftist Charlie Angus quickly locked down the comments. That didn’t stop Canadians from reacting in the quote reposts. Angus then deleted his original tweet and reposted with a small edit blaming the conservative party for her death and labelling them extremists with no supporting points.

“Disinformation and conspiracy costs lives. It is appalling the Pierre Poilievre continues to fan the flame of anti-vaxx conspiracy. The fact that he is cheering on a candidate who was kicked out of Doug Ford’s caucus is telling. He is promoting a party of extremism.”

MP Charlie Angus was called out for deleting his original post and reposting without acknowledging and apologizing for his “dehumanizing behaviour,” Jagmeet Sign was tagged in the quote post asking if “he endorses the shameful unhinged misconduct of his MP

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