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According to Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart, Mayor Means King. Tells freedom protesters freedom is not allowed in Vancouver.

On Friday Feb 4, 2022, Kennedy Stewart, Mayor of Vancouver took to Twitter to released a letter demonizing, dehumanizing and villainizing the pro freedom protesters.

He makes an outrageous claim about vaccination rates and mandates.

“As the mayor of a city with an over 95% vaccination rate, my message to the convoy is this. Vancouver doesn’t want you here” He wrote in the letter.

Kennedy Stewart claims he is Vancouver and has the right to tell the residents how to think and what to believe. Mentioning a 95% vaccination rate and automatically associating it with support for mandates. There’s clear proof that millions of people got vaccinated just to keep their jobs so they can pay their bills, pay for shelter and feed their children.

In a democracy the government is responsible to the people not the people responsible to the government. The government works for the people and must listen to the people because the government represents the people not the leader.

A forced top down anti-freedom ideology approach on society where the leader doesn’t talk with the people and just talks at the people and tells them what to believe and think, this called anti-democratic. It is known as authoritarian

“Make your point then go home”

According to Kennedy Stewart, Mayor means King. Many of these protesters are residents of Vancouver. So when they are done protesting they are already home. Is he telling these Vancouver residence they are presents and demands they move out of his kingdom of Vancouver? Seems like a very egotistical and narcissistic statement to make.

“While everyone has the right to protest, no body has the right to promote hate, Jeopardize the safety of our community” he also wrote. Since when did flying Canadian flags and chanting freedom while honking a horn become promoting so called hate and put a community at risk?

“Or interfere with access for patients, staff or first responders” Stewart sneaks in some propaganda trying to swing public opinion about the freedom protest. obviously doesn’t know where the protest is organized to take place.

There is 2 protests tomorrow not one. One of the protests is the Freedom Convoy from Langley to Vancouver, which some people will stay in Vancouver and some will not. The second event is called “The Media is The Virus”. At this protest there will be people from the Freedom Convoy meeting up with protesters for “The Media is The Virus” protest being held at CTV HQ not at or near any type of healthcare facility.

He then makes a delusional statement of disinformation “Hate has no place in our city. We all have to stand together against hate in all its forms, including when it targets frontline and healthcare workers.” Purposely trying to weaponize healthcare workers to incite hate toward the freedom protest and drive fear in to healthcare workers. The protest is not called “I hate healthcare workers” and not being held at a healthcare facility. The protest being held is called “The Media is The Virus” at CTV HQ. The protest at CTV HQ comes because of the bias and unfair reporting mainstream media does. The people have had enough and they are calling out mainstream media on their propaganda.

Mayor Kennedy Stewart has had his own run ins with the law while breaching an injunction with his involvement in protests against Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline project entering a guilty plea.

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