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Vancouver Freedom Convoy Feb 5, 2022 bring your CDN flags

2 different freedom rallies in the Lower mainland. Freedom Convoy and The Media Is The Virus

There will be another freedom rally in the lower mainland this weekend.

Truckers for freedom rally to roll back in to town, Convoy for Freedom 2022 supporters are encouraged to line the bypasses in support of the Truckers for Freedom Convoy.

Freedom Convoy Langley to Vancouver

Freedom Rally from Langley to Downtown Vancouver will be leaving at 9:00 AM from the Colossus theater.
Address 20090 91a Ave, Langley, B.C.
NW Corner of the parking lot

Supporters are encouraged to rally for freedom and support at the Willingdon in Burnaby, B.C.

“Cheer the convoy in to Vancouver from all overpasses west of 200th right in to Vancouver” Action4canada

There will also be a Media is the Virus rally taking place in Vancouver on Robson street.

Everyone knows the mainstream legacy media has not been reporting fairly for many years and the lies from the media party have been exposed. CBC, CTV, Global some of the largest propaganda pushers in Canada full of misinformation and it needs to stop. Canadians aren’t paying these companies to lie to them and they are fed up and making it heard.

The Media Is The Virus

Meet at the Freedom Convoy in Langley, the details are above this.
Join the Rally on 969 Robson street, Vancouver, B.C

Convoy Details

  • Meet at 20090 91a Ave, NW Corner of the lot
  • Convoy rolls out @ 9AM Sharp. make sure to be there
  • Exit the parking lot, merge onto Highway 1 WB
  • Continue west, take exit 28B for Grandview HWY
  • Continue west, make a right turn at Nanaimo Street
  • Continue north, make a left turn at East Broadway
  • Continue west, make a right turn at Burrard Street
  • Continue north, arriving at CTV @ 969 Robson Street
  • Vehicles attending the CTV rally, find local parking and be there by noon (adequate parking for all at 655 Richards Street, Parkwell Plaza)
  • Vehicles not participating in the rally, continue north on Burrard to W. Cordova, make right turn and follow east back to Highway 1

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  1. Canadians went to war against a virus. People and businesses sacraficed. Thousands of Canadians died and millions armed themselves with the best weapons available to fight the spread of the enemy virus. Heros. Others hid and waited until the war was almost over before making lots of noise trying to steal some glory from those heros.

  2. That’s a cute little story you tell yourself truthteller but like your name it’s pretentious and false. In reality, everyone in this country gave the government the benefit of the doubt at the start of the pandemic and followed orders for a 2 week lockdown to flatten to curve. Fair enough; it was too early to know how bad it would be. In the ensuing months and now years the narrative has continued to shift in order to uphold the unlawful authoritarian measures the government has taken despite the science and evidence that their mandates do more harm than good by every metric.


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