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Who cares about Canadians freedoms, privacy and security

In this article we are going to cover each parties stance when it comes to protecting Canadians freedoms along with privacy and security. What we are looking over here are TRUE facts. Source links are posted to fact check. Even with just a simple google search you can find this.

Freedom of expression, privacy and security are all promised to us in the Canadian Charter of Rights. As Canadians we value these freedoms and rights and we should not just accept any government to crush them out. As Canadians we have an obligation to stand up for our rights and not fear prosecution. We should also have the right to create digital content and not be told what we are allowed to look at on the Internet, a national “Net Nanny” of the Great Firewall of China most know it as. Most of us are adults and we like to control our own lives, not want the government to tell us what we can see. Lets take a look at where all the Canadian parties stand when it comes to protecting your right.

Justin Trudeau Liberals

Supporting Bill C-10 and C-36

  • Bill C-10 hands control of the Internet to the CRTC. Imposes strict content regulation and what Canadians are allowed to view. Restricts small content creators from being discovered
  • Bill C-36 crack down on “hate speech” bill.
    • Hate is defined in the bill as “the emotion that involves detestation or vilification and that is stronger than dislike or disdain,”
  • Considering bringing back Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This hate speech provision was repealed by the Conservative government in 2013 because it was being used arbitrarily to censor statements that offended some people on the internet.

Jagmeet Singh – NDP

In Full support of Bill C-10 with Justin Trudeau and his liberal party
Midnight Madness: As Canadians Slept, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP Combined to Pass Bill C-10 in the House of Commons

Erin O’Toole – Conservatives

They do not support bill c-10 and ask Justin Trudeau to withdraw the bill

  • Stance on privacy and security: “In a democratic society, abuses of power and authority can and should be called out without fear or retribution”
  • Stance on freedom of choice. The content Canadians chose to consume online and what the want to view. “But in the midst of a pandemic, while Canadians are stuck at home and relying on social media for information, connectivity, and entertainment more than ever before, the Liberal government is quietly moving to radically change how Canadians use the internet.”

see the full statement here https://www.conservative.ca/conservative-leader-erin-otoole-calls-on-justin-trudeau-to-withdraw-bill-c-10-2/

“This bill will not target hate speech — just ensure bureaucrats in Ottawa are bogged down with frivolous complaints about tweets,” 

Global news

On global news. This is only a blurb from the party not the leader and no official standing if they support the bill or not. Erin O’Toole has not provided any statment.

People’s party of canada

Bill C-10 was described by commentators as a “full-blown assault on free expression.” If passed, it would subject the whole Canadian online world to content oversight from broadcast regulators, including podcasts, online videos and websites. That includes anything YOU post online, from cat videos to memes criticizing the government.

Another bill soon to be tabled by Heritage minister Steven Guilbeault is supposed to outlaw hate speech, child pornography, calls to violence, and other offenses online. But these are ALREADY illegal. So why do we need another law? Because the Liberals are trying to curtail our freedom of expression.


on a campaign speech Maxism Bernier voicing to stop Bill C-10 and C-36

Green Party of Canada

The rescinding of the sections, if passed, of Bill C-10 granting the Minister the discretion to deny film tax credits on the basis that the film is offensive or not in the public interest, and other such attempts that enable political censorship;

Bloc Quebecois

In Full support of Bill C-10 with Justin Trudeau and his liberal party
Midnight Madness: As Canadians Slept, the Liberals, Bloc and NDP Combined to Pass Bill C-10 in the House of Commons

Alright folks there you have it. Just remember opinions are just that and with that in find anything can be seen as offensive. You freedoms, privacy and security are important please make sure to research more about it and check more sources.

To read our take on bill C-36 and C-10 check our post Justine Trudeau and a continuous assault on Canadians free speech.

Bill C-36 https://parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-2/bill/C-36/first-reading
Bill C-10 https://parl.ca/DocumentViewer/en/43-2/bill/C-10/second-reading

The Review

Who is defending your Canadian Charter of Rights for freedom of expression, privacy and security?

Party NameAre they defending your rights?Important facts
People’s Party of CanadaYes
  • Stop Bill C-10 & C-36

  • No more lockdowns
  • Conservatives Maybe Stop Bill C-10

    No official statment about bill C-36
    Liberals NoTrying to pass Bill C-10 and C-36 as fast as possible
    NDPNoAgreeing to Bill C-10 and C-36
    Green Party of Canada NoAgreeing to Bill C-10 and C-36
    Bloc Quebecois NoAgreeing to Bill C-10 and C-36

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