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Underground anomalies triggers BC Legislature to fly Canada flag at half mast

The BC Legislature will lower the Canada flag to half mast on April 23, 2023 to mourn with the shíshálh Nation.

The announcement of flying the Canada flag at half mast came on the heels of the “discovery” of what is being described as 40 “unmarked graves” of children that never made it home from the residential school in Sechelt, B.C.

shíshálh Nation released a statment claiming to have discovered “unmarked graves” with the use of ground-penetrating radar(GPR) at St. Augustine in Sechelt, B.C.

While the geound penetrating radar (GPR) shows disturbances under the ground, the shíshálh Nation will now be pausing the investigation.

In a video statement they claim bodies of young children have been found in shallow graves, only big enough for the children to “lay in the fetal position”.

A written statement runs contradictory to the claim that remains of children in “unmarked graves” were in fact discovered acknowledging the GPR reads do not confirm true or false if there is actually any remains.

“It should be made clear that the results of the St. Augustine’s field investigations should in no way be seen to validate or invalidate the experiences of Survivors, or the knowledge held by families of those who attended. Whether or not unmarked graves are found, there is enough documented oral and archival evidence to say that these burials do or did exist.”

According to CBC shíshálh Nation will be pausing with no mention if an actual forensic investigation and excavation will be done and when.

With zero evidence and no excavation being done, the CBC ran an article claiming in its report that there’s “confirmation” there is in fact remains within the underground anomalies.

“A statement from the nation on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast says it listened to elders and survivors of the residential school and stories shared of missing children have now been confirmed.” wrote the CBC.

Emotions ran high when the first “discovery” was made in 2020 in Kamloops, B.C. of over 200 underground anomalies that still have not actually been investigated or excavated to confirm the accuracy of the reports.

The reporting claimed that was “mass graves” of children were found without any forensic investigation, over 50 churches were then burned to the ground in retaliation to the unconfirmed “discovery.”

There has been one excavation reported at the former Camsell Hospital site where 21 “unmarked graves” were flagged for investigation. The excavation and forensic evidence turned up absolutely nothing, not a single bone.

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