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Trudeau demands NDP and Bloc Quebecois to prop up his failing Government and policies

Ottawa – as the Truckers for Freedom rally gain overwelming support across Canada and the world. Justin Trudeau is hecoming more desperate than ever to cling on to power while his false narrative “our only way out of this pandemic is to get vaccinated ” narrative crumbles in front of his face.

Trudeau has been loving his authoritarian rule over Canada and he’sdrunk with power. The awakening is happening and Canadians are sick of the lies and manipulation. The people really came together on this to make sure the Government hears them since it has been ignoring them for almost 2 years.

Trudeau anticipates he will be confront about unlawful mandates when parliament is back in session come Monday.

During a interview with The Canadian Press, Trudeau made it clear he is looking for totalitarian rule. Trudeau has realized “it would appear the government is fringe” as Elon Musk srated in a tweeted.

“We know and we’ve seen it, the Conservatives are going to continue to try and play whatever partisan games they can, regardless of the consequence on Canadians. They’re much more focused on their own interests right now than they are on the interests of Canadians,” he said during his egotistical narcissist interview on Friday.

The guy that has been ignoring Canadians for nearly 2 years and hammering on his authoritarian ideologies. Lives have been destroyed from his blanket nonsense mandates. Businesses are closing, families are starving. But now he wants to do more damage with no accountability.

Trudeau wants all the opposition parties to back all his Government Policy failures with no questions asked. He wants the ability to ram through any Bill and laws with no reasonable discussions or debate. He’s become totally unhinged from Canadian values and rule of law.

During the last Parliament, all parties came together to swiftly pass legislation printing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of pandemic benefits that were supposed to help individuals and businesses through the pandemic.

The printing of money has help drive up inflation hurting Canadians and helping the rich get richer.

The reality is lots of small businesses were decimated while the benefits floated to giant corporations on corporate welfare and absorbed the owner operators and their work force. There is also hundreds of billions of dollars of pademic money that went missing. Trudeau’s government isn’t providing any transparency. Canada’s health minister Declos refuses to answer any questions about where the pantemic money went and how it spent.

Trudeau thinks more money printing to drive up inflation and robbing Canadians bank accounts is the way to move forward for all Canadians.

The NDP even said with these next parliament sittings Trudeau will need to demonstrate he is actually listing to Canadians.

But Trudeau broadly outlined his priorities between now and June 2022 will be to “getting through the pandemic” which sound like lips service considering he refusee to acknowledge vaccines are not the only way out of the pandemic. Multiple Provincial health officials across have already said COVID-19 is here to stay and we need to just learn to live with it like the flu. Omicron is less severe, Denmark ended all mandates U.K. is about to end all Covid-19 mandates.

So really the pandemic isn’t hard to end. It’s called pay attention to common sense and logic and having an open mind to other tools.

Trudeau said another focus is “rebuilding the economy”. This is very simple as well. The economy took the express lane to being destroyed after all the silly unscientific mandates came in to play.

We don’t need Government hand outs. We live in Canada, it’s supposed be a free and democratic country. Communism is the people being dependent on the Government hand outs.

End the mandates, let the businesses open and let the people work. Businesses operating and people working is good for the economy, not printing money and robbing hard working tax payers to give hand outs to the antiwork population.

Trudeau wants to get more agressive on “climate change”. This always leads to him reaching his grubby little hands in to our wallets and bank accounts. The radical view of “to fix pollution from every country, lets tax Canadians” needs to end.

“tackling online hate” is actually a cover up for authoritarian censorship and tougher copyright laws.

If there’s speech you hate, that’s not hate speech, it’s just something you hate or don’t agree with. The hate speech law is so vague. Any anonymous source can complain you “hurt their feelings” and sue for up to $50,000. People need to be more some self responsible and accountable. Just use the block button. Our freedom of expression doesn’t end with things you hate.

Censorship is solely the responsibility of the individual not the the rest of the world. Freedom of Expression.

While Trudeau attacks freedom of expression online with his Great firewall of China laws he wants to hand control of Canadian internet to the CRTC. The CRTC already controls radio and TV in Canada and decides what we see and hear. Giving them this absurd power over the internet is ripe for abuse on citizens from the government.

Trudeau won Canada’s election 2021 with about 13% of all eligible voters. He does not represent a majority of Canadians and this is clearly not a mandate to ram through any law or bill without debate.

His thought that he has a clear mandate from Canadians to do what ever he wants is completely delusional.

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