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Trudeau admits his immigration policy inflamed the housing crisis sorrows

At a press conference on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his government’s immigration policies are a major contributor to Canada’s housing crisis.

“Population growth in this country hasn’t been matched by an equivalent growth in housing supply,” said Trudeau, in British Columbia.

Trudeau claimed the measures they are putting in to help with affordable housing

“there are many different measures we’re putting forward. Some come in quicker than others but all of them need to be designed right to actually help and not harm the housing markets in Canada not drive prices up further” Prime Minister Trudeau said

Recent statements by the prime minister at another press conference he indicate that there will be no reduction in immigration targets, however. The Trudeau Liberals plan on adding 400,000 new residents in 2022 alone.

Trudeau told reporters in Hamilton that the pandemic slowed immigration, despite Canada actually setting a record of 401,000 new permanent residents coming to Canada last year.

“Two years, almost, in which Canada had closed its borders because of COVID-19 created challenges and backlogs and delays in getting in the labour force that we need, getting in the new Canadians that we need to build the future,” he said.

“The Department of Immigration is working incredibly hard, with some of the most ambitious targets Canada has ever seen, over 400,000 new Canadians to be coming in this year.” said Trudeau.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland has made statements similar to those made by Trudeau on Monday. While fielding questions during a press conference on affordable housing, Freeland said “the most fundamental fact is our population is growing faster than our supply of housing, it’s just a problem of numbers, and of math.”

“As a country, we want to be a growing country, and it’s great that we are a growing country,” she said, but said that more homes needed to be built.

According to Daily Hive a new report from Vancouver-based rental platform liv.rent details how average asking rent shot up at least $52 between March and April of this year alone.

Average rent for unfurnished, one-bedroom units across Metro Vancouver climbed to $1,908 this month.

“Back in November, they were at $1,791 – a difference of $117 per month, and liv.rent reports that renters in Vancouver are now typically spending 35.64% of their monthly income on rent.” reported by Daily Hive.

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