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COP26 Climate Change Summit: Trudeau announces new ambitious fart tax, carbon tax increase too

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed Canada wanted a more strong and ambitious plan to be set at the COP26 summit.

COP26 climate change

2015 canada signed the paris agreement.

“We have doubled our climate financing commitment the commitment we made in Paris” says Trudeau. The previous commitment was $2.65 billion of Canadian tax payer money. Trudeau says he is now committing even more of Canadians hard earned money with more than doubling the amount. At minimum the double amount is $5.2 billion being thown to the wind.

Trudeau then gose on to say your breakfast will get a new tax and the scapegoat for this tax is methane emmisions. Carbon tax is mostly on the logistics of shipping products and food to your home and get you to and from work plus any personal life outtings that require your car and sewage. The methane emmisions tax you are essentially paying for yourself and farm animals to fart.

“Globally, 50-65 percent of total CH4 emissions come from human activities.2, 3 Methane is emitted from energy, industry, agriculture, land use, and waste management activities”

EPA overview of greenhouse gases

We already pay tax for waste management and sewage.

“fasing out of coal as an essential goal uh, and fighting, uh reducing methane emissions as being key and also recognizing with uh the doubling of Canadas climate financing uh to the developing world.” Says globalist Trudeau.

Earlier in the summit he told leaders at the table “We face a simple choice, We can act now, or regret it later.” trying to stoke fear and panic in to the others to encourage emontional decision making.

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