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Calgary: Trudeau with a speech to ban pro privacy citizens from public spaces. “Your papers please”.

On August 19, 2021, Justin Trudeau was in Calgary to speak at a crowd about what he promises if re-elected.

he starts off the speech with enthusiasm and lots of energy. 2 minutes in he tells the

“be true to who you are. be true to your values. be true to what you fight for”

Lets take a look at the clip now.

About 8 minutes and 12 seconds later he gets aggressive towards unvaccinated people and threatens them because they are standing up for their freedom to be vaccinated or not. Then he attacks vaccinated people and unvaccinated people together with his cries to ban anyone that stands up for their Canadian values and Canadian Charter of Rights to medical privacy; pretty much saying if you don’t share your medical records you can’t travel domestically in Canada by plane, train, bus or boat. And on top of all that ban people that value their privacy from places like bars, pubs, events, festivals and restaurants.

Lets take a look at that clip now and hear what he has to say.


There we have it folks. Trudeau is campaigning, lots of confusing statements made by the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau.

Stay tuned we will be looking more at our candidates more these coming weeks.

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