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Edmonton: Jagmeet and his plan for climate change.

During Jagmeet Singh’s stop in Edmonton, Alberta April 19, 2021 he spoke at about healthcare and took questions after his speech.

One of the questions was what is his climate change plan is and how is it different than any other party.

He says how they differ with their climate change strategy compared to Trudeau is

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This is your 3rd day in western Canada, you can smell the smoke here in Edmonton and yet we hardly have heard you speak about your climate change policy and I am wondering. Why is that and why should voters believe your climaye change policy is any different than anyone elses?

Singh begins with talking about how Trudeau is the worst leader in all the G7 countries and has increased emissions over the last six years.

“What we’ve seen in the past six years of Justin Trudeau being in power is someone who said a lot about climaye crisis. talked about it said it’s important but he has the worst track record of any leader in the G7 when it comes to missions he’s the only leader of a country and a G7 Nation who is increased emissions year over year instead of reducing them.

Great. Thank you Jagmeet for poiting out the obvious that Trudeau’s plan is pretty much just carbon tax the hell out of Canadian and not do anything useful with the money.

but the question still stands.

Why should voters believe your climaye change policy is any different than anyone elses?

he continues on describing the wildfires in B.C. and how the smomey travels to Alberta and says they are commited to take on climate change and will say 2 specific things about it.

  1. We want to take on the big polluters
  2. Make sure we create “good jobs”

We are committed to fighting it and we 2 real specific things around that. We want to take on the big polluters. Justin Trudeau put in a price on pollution that exempts the biggest polluters. We want to take on the biggest polluters and we want to make sure we create good jobs we know that there’s an opportunity here when we fight the climate crisis to create thousands and thousands of good jobs in renewable energy in retrofitting buildings in in retrofitting to create good jobs for energy and resource sector workers we can fight this funding crisis it takes the will and new Democrats have the will ends at 7 minutes

in that small speech we hear the buzz words “Good jobs” 3 times with no reference as to what “good jobs” are other than saying he will pour a bunch of money in to renewable energy industry.

in short it’s easy to just say the NDP’s solution to climate change is to create “good jobs”.

I guess we have to wait and see what them mean by “good jobs” to see the direction of their climate change policy.

To hear his full speech about climate change in Edmonton , AB check out the video below.

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