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Alberta Premier Jason Kenney supports vaccine mandates except when it comes to truckers

In an interview on Fox News, Premier Jason Kenney made it very clear he supports the truckers in regards to the cross board quarantine policy. In the message it is clear he also doesn’t care about Canadians freedom as he is only speaking to the truckers policy.

Kenney said he believed the protesters had a legitimate concern, and he agreed with those who oppose “unnecessary quarantine requirement[s] for cross-border truckers.”

“If they’re opposed to the quarantine requirement imposed by the two federal governments for unvaccinated truckers, I hear them. I think it’s not necessary for public health reasons, and it does make a bad situation worse,” he said.

Kenney added the protesters should “respect the rules of the road, not block roads, be safe and be respectful.”

Kenney asked that the U.S. and Canadian federal governments “apply some common sense” in finding solutions to rules that prevent unvaccinated truckers from crossing the U.S.-Canada border.

Weird that Kenney is only asking the governments in Canada and the U.S. to apply common sense only to the truckers cross border policy and not the rest of the unscientific and unconstitutional vaccinate mandates

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