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Toronto Zoo is vaccinating their animals if they “consent” while federal employees choice is jab for job

A team of Dr. Doolittle’s are asking the animals for their informed medical consent.

Toronto zoo animals get the choice if they want the covid-19 vaccine or not while federal vaccine mandates are still in affect for federal employees, contractors and federally regulated industry workers and their choice is get the jab or lose their job.

Accoring to a statement posted by the Toronto Zoo on April 21, 2022, they just received 320 doses of COVID-19 vaccines for animals, developed and donated by Zoetis.

With 120 animals at the zoo there’s enough to vacinate the animals 2.6 times each.

Apparently they are giving animals the “choice” to be vaccinated. The zoo claims if the animal comes and stands next to them, the animal wants the vaccine.

The Toronto Zoo insists the animals are free to choose to participate in the grooming session or simply walk away. But it doesn’t stop there, the zoo will consistently badger the animal just like Justin Trudeau telling everyone to get vaccinated everyday.

“These are voluntary inoculations. The animals choose to come over and interact with the animal care staff and then are delivered the vaccine. Some days they participate. Some days, they don’t. So we’ll keep working at it until we get all 120 inoculated,” Toronto Zoo CEO Dolf DeJong told CP24 on Thursday afternoon.

Apparently a form of communicating consent is just “I stood next to you”.

Was this really consent? Usually there is some sort of educating that takes place for the one receiving the vaccine knows the risks. Some people might be wondering if these animals were given pamphlets or any other materials to help them make an informed medical decision.

According the the Toronto Zoo they provided what they call “voluntary positive reinforcement training”.

What is Voluntary positive reinforcement training?

The animals are put through “regular training exercises with their trusted keepers,” and to “present an arm or tail” for injection they wrote in their statement. The animals are then rewarded with treats for participating in the training.

It works the exact same way as training a dog to sit, roll over or even shake a paw. After a while they do it on command.

The zoo didn’t explain how training an animal to come stand beside you translates to freedom of choice and informed medical consent and how this was different than bribery.

To date through all these years of the pandemic there have been zero unvaccinated zoo animal reported deaths from Covid-19 in Canada.

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  1. Zoos are hideous 19th century amusement parks and should be banned. No mention of whether or not accredited animal communicator’s expert opinions were sought. Just another drug pusher coming for the vulnerable.


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