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Terry Fox Statue used in a stunt, a sign of disrespect

There have been reports of people allegedly disrespecting Canadian public monuments. There is currently no evidence if this done knowing it is disrespectful or not so lets not just go jumping down that route and cause division.

Some people aren’t aware this is a sign of disrespect because they never thought about the scenario before or they think it is acceptable article on Toronto Sun, because other groups have ripped statues down in the past and even broke their heads off an threw them in to the water. These acts of vandalism didn’t draw anywhere near the condemnation as this new Terry Fox one. A flag and a hat on Terry Fox shouldn’t draw more condemnation than the decolonize movement and BLM ripping down Canadas statues.

Another convoy for freedom wave arrives in Ottawa, cleans the Terry Fox memorial

Here we have A statue of Queen Victoria at The Manitoba Legislature that was toppled on Canada Day and later had its head removed for a decolonization riot.

A statue of Queen Victoria at The Manitoba Legislature that was toppled on Canada Day and later had its head removed is seen here on Friday, July 02, 2/2021. PHOTO BY CHRIS PROCAYLO /Winnipeg Sun

Lets take a moment to get educated.

What ever the case lets just take this time to remember we live in a democratic country even if it doesn’t feel like it anymore. We need to always show respect to Canadian history at all times. Showing disrespect to Canadian history doesn’t help any cause. Please don’t distract from the real message for freedom.

When we say all Canadian history is to be respected we mean all of it, all the Indigenous history and the history of the rise of how Canada become a super power as a multicultural power house with much more potential. All history needs to be preserved no matter what, even if you don’t agree with it. Just leave it alone and respect the chance to learn something.

Please do not dress up the statues, even with Canadian flags and other Canada related things because it’s actually considered a sign of disrespect. Dancing on a grave is never accepted especially on that of a fallen solider that gave their life for our freedom.

If you witness anyone doing these actions and you’re comfortable to approach them with a reasonable conversation and ask them not to do it and why that is up to you. If you don’t feel comfortable with it then report it to the nearest police. If the stuff is already on for example a statue feel free to remove it and place it to the side. You are well in your rights to remove anything that isn’t supposed to be there.

So now lets point out the hypocrisy of the outrage. Because this is a freedom rally and Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh go on national TV to call the freedom demonstrators “terrorists” “white supremacist’s” and a bunch of dehumanizing names. The mainstream media picks up on the Terry Fox statue to sensationalize it to try and discredit the movement even more when there is clearly other things that have happened in the not so far past that never had a peep said about it.

More moments in recent memory of disrespect

Apparently a Canadian flag is good cause for massive outrage but a gay pride flag is totally cool? hypocrisy.

And a moment in the Vaccine Supremacist’s movement

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