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Poilievre calls for Roxham closure. Trudeau makes excuses and deflects

The Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is calling on the government to close Roxham road border crossing in thirty days.

“The prime minister has had six years to find a solution,” said Poilievre. “It is his job to close the border, and we’re calling on him to do it at the Roxham Road passage within thirty days.”

“If we are a real country, we have borders. And if this is a real prime minister, he is responsible for those borders,” Pierre said.

Poilievre went on to explain how the problem at Roxham border isn’t the refugees themselves or U.S presidents because Canada and its Prime Minister that is responsible for protecting the border.

“they’re just doing what Justin Trudeau told them to” Pierre Poilievre said adding he built the infrastructure to facilitate the illegal border crossing.

Poilievre said Canada needs more immigrants “But we need to have it done in an orderly and lawful fashion”.

“Second. It’s not Joe Biden’s fault. This problem started before Joe Biden became President. And the prime minister has tried to sluff off the blame on the Americans again and again.”

Poilievre asserted Canada and the Prime Minister have a duty to protect its own borders and not rely on other countries.

Poilievre said “it’s not any other countries jobs to protect our borders. The job of protecting our borders belongs to us and in particular to the Prime minister of Canada”

“For years, we have been focused on closing Roxham Road.” On Wednesday Justin Trudeau claims his government has been working on a solution to close down the illegal border crossing for years while defending its failure to produce any results.

“the challenge is how to close it” Trudeau questioned after all of these years of focus. Trudeau asked how can Canada enforce the law and protect its national sovereignty.

After a five minute speech saying politicians shouldn’t be playing partisan politics when it comes to China interfering with elections in Canada he did exactly that himself with Roxham Road illegal border crossing.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau falsely implies the Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre suggested to build a wall at Roxham Road when it was reporters making the suggestions to Poilievre.

With Trudeau’s inaccurate connection between building a wall and Poilievre’s statements, Justin Trudeau admits that a “big wall” could stop the flow of human traffic at the Roxham road illegal border crossing.

“If Pierre Poilievre wants to build a wall at Roxham Road, someone could do that” Trudeau said.

On February 21, 2023 at a press conference with Pierre Poilievre, reporters were the ones suggesting walls, fences and barricades being built as a solution to Roxham road not Poilievre.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre said before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister “we had the the safe third country agreement and that didn’t prevent us [Canada] from protecting our borders.”

“Under international law we have borders. And we are in charge of our borders” said Pierre Poilievre the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to close an irregular border crossing within thirty days.

Poilievre also accurately points out the border was closed during the pandemic and the illegal border crossing numbers slumped.

Justin Trudeau admitted the Roxham illegal border crossing can be shutdown “we had a model during the pandemic that was reasonably effective” he said before claiming the only way to shutdown Roxham illegal crossing is to modify the safe third country agreement.

When asked if he could give any specifics of changes he would like to see he said there is ongoing conversations of how to enforce Canada’s laws and to not make beneficial for illegal border crossing asylum seekers if their applications aren’t going to be valid.

Trudeau mentioned something about “spreading protections” that occur at border crossings to also happen between border crossing “but those are on going conversations”, according to Trudeau.

The U.S. did not confirm if any officials are renegotiating the safe third country agreement David Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada said according to CBC.

“You’ve never seen or heard anyone from the United States confirm that there are specific discussions occurring on the Safe Third Country Agreement, and I’m not going to be the first United States official to make that statement,” said Cohen.

There’s statistics to back up what Poilievre is saying.

Donald Trump began to crack down on illegal immigration and human trafficking at the U.S. southern border in 2017. At this time Justin Trudeau took a polarized stance and did the opposite tweeting that Canada would “welcome” everyone “fleeing persecution, terror, and war.”

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength” Justin Trudeau tweeted

Shortly after that tweet there was a sudden spike in crossings especially at the well known illegal Roxham Road border crossing according to an IRPP report.

According to Stats Canada the illegal border crossings are beginning to surge once again since Justin Trudeau reopened Roxham road.

Statistics on refugee claims made by Irregular Border Crossers, by Calendar Year and Quarter

  • April to June 2020 360
  • July to September 2020 128
  • October to December 2020 162
  • January to March 2021 216
  • April to June 2021 232
  • July to September 2021 314
  • October to December 2021 789
  • January to March 2022 2,772
  • April to June 2022 4,512
  • July to September 2022 5,599

François Legault, the premier of Quebec, urged Trudeau last week to announce that migrants are no longer welcome. After news broke that New York City was busing migrants close to the border crossing, purportedly to help them to enter Canada, 

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