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‘Online Safety Panel’ refers to Freedom Convoy as “extremists”, “Conspiratorial thinking”, “extreme right wing” and “anti-government”

“We have seen in recent times (…) what we saw in Ottawa (…) the rise of conspiratorial thinking in Canada”

At the conference on March 30th, 2022 with the introduction of the so-called “Online Safety Panel” a reporter asked David Morin what his expertise is and what kind of challenges he would like to target with the so-called “Online Safety Panel” group.

The organization David Morin works for with no affiliation to the “Online Safety Panel” is focused on watching “all the extreme right, the anti-government movements and currently in particular we are also working on a lot on the rise of conspiratorial thinking in Canada on which finally preparing to submit a report to the Quebec government.”

David Morin makes a reference to the Freedom Convoy that took place for three consecutive weeks in Ottawa in February and suggests they were extremists.

“We have seen in recent times important issues 1 finally that the dissemination of more extremists hate speech online could have in not only in the virtual world but in the real world. I refer here in particular obviously to what we saw in Ottawa but not only so I think there is a lot of work to be done.” said David Morin

It’s worth noting Bernie Farber hate-hoax spreader is also on the so-called “Online Safety Panel”.

David Morin is Full Professor at the School of Applied Politics of the University of Sherbrooke. He is the co-founder of Observatory on Radicalization and Violent Extremism (OSR). Apparently the OSR is a centre the brings together researchers and “experts” to “observe, document, understand and analyze the phenomena of radicalization and violent extremism.”

The so-called “Online Safety Panel” is made up of individuals to discuss Pablo Rodriguez’s so-called “Online Harms Bill” that was renamed to the so-called “Online Safety” and craft a legislative and regulatory framework to apparently “help keep Canadians safe online” by limiting what Canadians can view online. In other words a Net Nanny for the government to parent Canadian Adults Internet access.

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