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Justin Trudeau has a history of targeting journalists but now wants to defend them from “harassment”

On Wednesday night Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rushed to post a tweet for what he says is the “pattern of harassment of journalists,” and went on to call it “alarming and completely unacceptable” which lead to many responses calling out Trudeau’s security guards for being guilty of the exact same behavior he says has “no place in society”

Trudeau neglected to say which incidents he was talking about, Ezra Levant of Rebel News decided to respond and shed light on which incident Trudeau was not speaking of, “This is video of your personal bodyguards beating up our reporter David Menzies,” posting footage of an incident where Trudeau’s roughed up and manhandled David Menzie on December 9 while standing on the public sidewalk

“David was standing on a public sidewalk outside a public event where Trudeau was going to a Liberal Christmas Party. David was doing what all media do — waiting patiently to call out a question to Trudeau as he walked in,” Rebel wrote on their website. “As Trudeau’s motorcade pulled up to the Brickworks Ciderhouse, David was assaulted.”

True North journalist Cosmin Dzsurdzsa surfaced “A majority of the assaults on journalists I have seen in Canada have been against people who outwardly present as conservative OR were perpetrated by those on the extreme left.”

Another journalist from Rebel News, Keann Bexte, was forcibly removed by an RCMP officer in 2020 when he attempted to enter one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s press briefings.

As the RCMP led Bexte away from Rideau Cottage, where Trudeau was holding his daily Covid-19 press conferences, his arm was restrained behind his back.

Bexte published a video of him being removed after he refusing to give an RCMP office access to his phone.

“Terry Gullion, who keeps the press on a choke collar for Trudeau, was waiting for me.” Wrote the Rebel, “Even after security allowed me through the official Princess Anne entrance, once Gullion got word that a Rebel News  journalist was about ask unapproved questions, he sicced the RCMP on me, and they escorted me off the property.”

David Freiheit, known online as Viva Frei responded with screen shots of incidents where Trudeau’s pawns assaulted journalists.

“Your police and bodyguards assaulted 3 @RebelNewsOnline journalists – @ThevoiceAlexa @DreaHumphrey AND @TheMenzoid, while you repeatedly publicly demonize the news agency. Journalist should not be harassed, threatened, or assaulted. And you should resign!”

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