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Feds stay quiet about employee who took part in anti-convoy protest

The Trudeau government refuses to comment after a project manager in Ottawa bragged in an opinion piece about his involvment in the so-called “counter protests” against the Freedom Convoy and described convoy demonstrators as “white male roughnecks.” 

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Canadian Food Inspection Agency biologist Nicolay Hristozov published his positions in the Ottawa periodical Glebe Report. 

“I soon found myself in the front ranks of every counter protest. I should emphasize these are my personal impressions as a sturdily built white male. I could blend in with the protesters,” said Hristozov. “The backbone of this group was the archetypal roughneck: white, male, relatively young and likely engaged in some type of physical labour.”

In an article titled The ‘Freedom Convoy’ In Downtown Ottawa, Hristozov complained about “hundreds of honking pickup trucks adorned with Canadian flags”

“The core identity of the protest came through and was rather uglier than my first impression,” wrote Hristozov. “Accounts of harassment and assault started trickling in. At the same time we learned more about the convoy organizers and their far-right reliefs. A climate of fear settled on downtown.”

Federal employees must adhere to the Public Service Employment Act which prohibits them from engaging in partisan activity without the permission of supervisors. Partisan activities include “any activity in support of, within or in opposition to a political party.”

The Treasury Board’s Values And Ethics Code For The Public Service also outlines government workers are required to “act at all times in a manner that will bear the closest public scrutiny” while exercising “fairness and civility” in upholding public trust.

“Maintain the tradition of political neutrality,” the code outlines. 

When confronted with Hristozov’s political activity by Blacklock’s Reporter, the Food Inspection Agency declined to comment. 

Opposition to the Freedom Convoy took many forms from so-called counter protests in Ottawa to calls of armed violence. There was an incident in February, a man plowed his vehicle into a group of four Freedom Convoy demonstrators in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Alexander Zegarac, 42, self identified online as ANTIFA, faces 11 charges for the hit-and-run incident. While Zegerac was promptly released on bail, convoy organizer Tamara Lich was initially detained and denied bail for her involvement in organizing convoy demonstrations.

Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies act in February to crush the Freedom Convoy which was peacefully protesting against the draconian covid mandates. Currently Trudeau’s excuse for using the act is under scrutiny.

Several significant House of Commons testimony have refuted the Liberal government’s initial allegations regarding the convoy, notably that foreign extremists were involved in planning the protest.

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