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Bergen takes a hit at legacy media during the Stampede

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) interim leader Candice Bergen put legacy media on blast while rallying Conservatives to unite at the party’s Calgary Stampede barbecue event. 

For the past few weeks legacy media and journalists have questioned how united the party considering how heated the Conservative leadership race has been.

“According to many in the media, when Liberals disagree, they are progressive and open-minded. But when (Conservatives) disagree, we’re divided and angry.” Bergen said.

“I’ve been reading those articles since 2004.”

Bergen asked attendees to stop using divisive labels for conservatives such as red Tories, blue Tories, social conservatives and libertarians.

The Calgary Stampede 2022 event was hosted by CPC after a two year hiatus due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Several surrent and previous provincial politicians attended the event including provincial and federal leader candidates.

Candice Bergen proudly annouced over 675,00 member will he eligible to vote forbthe next Conservative leader.

According to the Manitoba MP, the legacy media will likely ignore the fact that no other political party in Canada has ever had as many members.

Membership sales generated $11.5 million in revenue for the party, with one-third of that going to the party’s 338 electoral associations.

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