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Anti-Freedom hate groups Counter Pro Freedom Protesters on U.S. side of Ambassador Bridge

Trudeau’s and Bidens hate speeches enable Anti-freedom hate groups.

Over the last few weeks we have seen hate groups attacking Pro Freedom Protesters and Freedom Convoys. The kinds of attacks range from verbal abuse to hate symbols, physical assaults and even murderous rage.

On Feb 5, 2022 we reported on a incident where a Anti-freedom man ran over a crowd of Pro Freedom protesters with his jeep in Winnipege and sped off. He was caught by police 1 hour later and arrssted after a scuffle. The Anti-freedom man was later Identified as domestic terrorist ANTIFA member David Zegarac.

Feb 11, 2022 another radical Anti-Freedom adult male was arrested for a hit and run on a young female child.

Today we find a Anti-freedom extremist AOC supporter this time appears to be a woman holding up a home made sign with a backwards swastika. The message aimed at the freedom protesters reading “Gas the unvaccinated” scroll down for the video posted on twitter.

These Anti-freedom extremists come after Trudeau was made globally famous for is regular open hate speech’s during media interviews, while in the house of commns and even on the election 2021 campaign.

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