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After being labeled “Government-funded Media,” CBC is “pausing” its Twitter use

In reaction to the CBC’s official Twitter account being labelled a “government-funded media” outlet, it says it will be “pausing” its use on the Twitter platform. To limit discussion on the topic the CBC disabled the comments section to its Tweet. Some of the government’s funded broadcaster’s journalists said they will do the same.

Two CBC Montreal journalists said they are pausing their activities on the platform in solidarity with their employer.

Legacy media journalists pumped out emotionally fueled knee jerk outrage with Twitter’s use of the label calling it unfair and claiming it calls into question the outlets independence despite the CBC receiving $1.2 billion in funding annually courtesy of the government at the expense of taxpayer’s.

Hamilton Spectator journalist Grant LaFleche framed the label as an “attempt to discredit legit journalism.”

Twitters use of the label was also denounced by Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez and Liberal MP Mark Gerretsen.

While on the other hand Rodriguez and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals try to ram through Bill C-11 which will regulate Canada’s internet and user generated content and Bill C-18 which threatens to break the internet by forcing search engines and social media to pay legacy media outlets to link users to its news articles and government decides the definition of approved media.

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