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Wenzhou Friendship Society visited by RCMP foreign interference investigators

The head quarters of a non profit group was visited by RCMP in part of an investigation of alleged Chinese government foreign interference.

The societies website says it is a bridge connecting the Chinese community.

The investigation comes after Safeguard Defenders group released a report with a list of Chinese “police stations” set up in other countries across the world and some in Canada in the Vancouver and Toronto areas.

On Friday the RCMP’s Integrated National Security Enforcement team visited Wenzhou Friendship Society in Richmond B.C. in regards to an investigation into “alleged coercion” of Chinese community members from someone that is connected with that Richmond address, reported Global News.

When reached by phone the society denies any foreign interference allegations.

Police also said they visited three locations in Toronto that are allegedly being used as Chinese police stations to

“a society director confirmed police visited the club house but denied having any knowledge of an alleged link between the group and a foreign interference campaign” reported Global News.

In the beginning of last month it was reported the RCMP began their investigation into Chine “police stations” being run in Canada, three located in Toronto were identified at that time.

In response to China’s increasingly aggressive attempts to exploit Canada to advance Beijing’s economic, security, and political interests, the RCMP has been investigating what it calls foreign actor interference.

China’s powerful security and intelligence structure, is allegedly attempting to meddle in Canada’s elections, intimidate community members and silence dissidents.

“The RCMP is aware of reports of activities that are specifically targeting the Chinese diaspora in Canada and is investigating to determine any criminality related to this matter,” RCMP said on Nov. 22.

“Our aim is to prevent intimidation, threats and harassment as well as any form of harm initiated on behalf of a foreign entity being applied to any community in Canada.”

Foreign interference allegations isn’t new to the Wenzhou Friendship Society as they were investigated over allegations of a vote buying campaign on WeChat for the 2018 municipal elections.

According to The Globe and Mail, Miaofei Pan of the Wenzhou society welcomed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a private event at Pan’s West Vancouver residence in 2016.

According to The Globe, Pan allegedly offered pro-Beijing businesses a private opportunity to mingle with Trudeau in exchange for donations to his political campaign.

China passed a National Intelligence Law in 2017 that requires Chinese organizations and citizens worldwide to assist with state intelligence work, according to Public Safety Canada.

According to the agency’s website, Operation Fox Hunt is part of China’s international effort to  “silence dissent, pressure political opponents and instill a general fear of state power on Canadian soil,” the agency said on its website.

The People’s Republic of China “uses Operation Fox Hunt to identify and try to repatriate individuals to China who they allege are corrupt. However, the program is widely believed to have also been used as a means to stifle regime criticism,” it said.

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