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‘Violence Against Drag Performers’ condemned by BC MLA’s

If you happened to tune into the BC Legislature live stream on Monday, members of BC’s legislated Assembly would like you to believe “Violence Against Drag Artists and Performers” is the most important issue facing British Columbians right now.

BC NDP Spencer Chandra-Herbert push forward a motion to condemn ‘violence against the drag performers’.

“I’ve moved this motion…because we’ve seen too much of this,” he said in the legislature. “We’ve seen people targeted in their communities across B.C. and indeed across North America.”

The description of the motion is: “Be it resolved that this House condemns violence and intimidation of artists and performers in the drag community.”

According to BC Liberal Renee Merrifield, MLA for Kelowna-Mission, the job of MLA’s is to “make sure that those that target a community with violence like the drag community or the LGBTQ2+ community face legal Consequences”

According to another BC Liberal, Karin Kirkpatrick, the MLA for West Vancouver – Capilano, there’s “ongoing intimidation and violence directed towards drag performers” while “attacks and threats” have become common in British Columbia.

BC NDP labeled protests against drag queen story time for kids is “negative events”.

Almost all of the MLA’s that spoke on the motion referenced Shakespeare as an example of drag dating back hundreds of years.

They all failed to acknowledge that in the times of Shakespeare it was illegal for women to perform on a stage in a play.

Only one MLA, a BC Liberal acknowledged this fact and praise it as an accomplishment for men to dress as women rather than see it as mysoginy.

Almost all the MLA’s that spoke were proud said they were proud to “raise the flag of transgenderism” at the BC Legislature on “Transgender Day of Visibility”.

BC Liberal / BC United MLA Mike Bernier was the only MLA to speak on the motion with the most balanced statement trying to keep it generalized and relative to all British Columbians.

Mike Bernier hinted there’s laws to address violence and focused on promoting the enforcing of current laws when there’s criminal behavior no matter what group an individual identifies with. “criminality has to be charged with criminality” Bernier said.

“The backlash that came out of that was what spurred this conversation on. It was equating [drag] not only to transgenderism but mis-equating that to predation and grooming and sexualisation,” Paddon said. “It’s disappointing when we see it.”

The motion was floated in the BC Legislature just days after a violent attack took place at a “Transgender Day of Visibility” rally in Vancouver. All members of the legislated assembly unanimously condemned ‘violence against the drag performers’.

A peaceful protester named Chris Elston also known as Billboard Chris was violently assaulted at Grandview Park in Vancouver, B.C. on March 31, 2023. A mob of angry and violent “trans rights” along with ANTIFA swarmed Elston and pummeled him to the ground.

During the violent assault on Elston one individual is heard screaming “KILL HIM! KILL HIM!”.

An elderly man that was also at the park showing support for Elston and his peaceful protest was also assaulted and shoved to the ground by what appeared to be another ANTIFA member.

After public pressure mounted the Vancouver Police posted a media release saying they will be “investigating” the violence and shared a few video clips and screen grabs to help identify the assalents.

A female Vancouver Police Officer on scene didn’t appear to be taking the first reported assault too seriously as she was smiling and smirking at Elston when he was letting her know what happened.

Later on that day the same female VPD officer is seen on camera smiling and laughing as Elstion was being assaulted again by the “pro trans rights” ANTIFA group.

The drag show for kids in Coquitlam that was mentioned in the legislature was characterized as violent and attacks against the “drag community”.

The drag show featured Chris Bolton who goes by the name of Connie Smudge when he is dressed in drag. The media and pro drag queen protesters claimed they brought a “bubble of love” to counter protest those that do not support drag queen story time for children.

Meanwhile independent journalists were also swarmed and intimidated by the pro drag queen group which consisted of ANTIFA members as well.

The far left-wing radical group ANTIFA assaulted also got in the face of and assaulted a man that is part of the Gays Against Groomers organization.

Independent journalist Drea Humphrey for Rebel News has done a large amount of coverage at these events. To learn more about what is happening on the ground her reporting can be found here KeepKidsSpacesSafe.com

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


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