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Surrey teacher handed 15-year ban after ‘intimate relationships’ with three students

A 15 year teaching license cancellation handed to a Surrey high school teacher after intimate relationships with former students.

The teacher had a pattern of inappropriate relationships with students breaching professional boundaries and growing them in to “inappropriately intimate relationships” after the students graduate. According to a consent resolution agreement posted on August 2, 2022

It said the teacher had inappropriately personal relationships with three students from 2005 to 2008 shortly after graduation shortly after graduation.

Names of the students and the teacher withheld to protect the privacy and identities of the students in the incidents. In the document the teacher is referred to as “The Teacher” and the students identified as Student A, B, and C.

The agreement said the teacher entered a intimate relationship with Student A shortly after they graduated and during this time the teacher would spend time with the student and send them instant messages including sexual content.

He also pursued Student C developing an intimate relationship. He also told Student C “how to ‘protect’ him when he became aware of concerns by School staff about”

The teacher also set his sights on Student B, communicating with them over instant messaging inviting the student get together socially with him after Student B was 19

“The teacher used his position of trust as a teacher to elicit sensitive personal information from two students and use that information to his personal advantage,” said the commissioner for teacher regulation who oversees the disciplinary process for certified teachers in B.C.

The teacher was first issued his licence on September 30, 1996, and has not taught in the K-12 education system since April 20, 2015, when he commenced a leave then resigning from the Surrey school district December 2020

The district reported the incidents to the commissioner in March 2021.

The teacher admitted his conduct with three students was inappropriately personal relationships and entered into a consent resolution agreement agreeing to cancel his teaching licence for 15 years under sections 53 and 64(e) of the Teachers Act.

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