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Sikh Freedom Alliance held an Anti-mandate protest outside Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s office in Surrey, B.C.

Anti-mandate demonstrators protest outside Liberal MP Randeep Sarai, organized by Sikh Freedom Alliance.

It’s sure getting a lot harder every week for the legacy media to paint the Anti covid mandate protesters as “racists” and “white supremacists”.

This past weekend on Saturday an anti-mandate took place in Surrey, B.C. outside Liberal MP Randeep Sarai’s office. A spokesperson for the Sikh Freedom Alliance organizers from said this is not about politics. They are here to with the intent to holding local MPs “accountable for COVID-19 tyranny.”

The group came out Saturday afternoon, June 4,2022, to protest opposition to Canada’s federal travel restrictions which bans about 6 million unvaccinated Canada’s from travel by air and rail. The restrictions also ban vaccinated Canada’s that exercise their rights to medical privacy.

The protest attracted about 40 people to demand the Covid travel mandates to be lifted. Recently the a motion push forward by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman was voted down in the House of Commons, if it passed it would have taken down the discriminatory Covid travel mandates.

Amrit Birring, whose been in Surrey, Canada for 25 years says he has seen in the last few years our rights are being stripped away very quickly “instead of government asking us what we prefer, they tell us“. He said their intention is to spread their videos on social media because they know there are other people that free the same way “but they’re afraid to come out. They see that someone is openly speaking against it so they got courage to join us” Birring said

A passerby stopped and told the protesters they can’t be blaming Liberal MP Randeep Sarai and they need to blame the people of surrey because they keep “voting red”. The passerby says if the want to see change they need to vote for change, adding “look at the election results. The whole story is red, the whole surrey is red” Liberal MP Randeep Sarai has been the MP of Surrey since she has moved to Surrey.

Randeep Sarai has been the Liberal MP for surrey since the 2015 elections.

According to Rebel News one of the protesters said they didn’t vote red. When talking to one of the protesters, Tony Mitra, he explains from his observation while communicating with the Punjabi community, a majority of them come from rural Punjab and don’t know much about urban Punjab or even the national language Hindi.

The Punjabi community stays within it’s own echo chamber only interacting with media that speaks and writes in their own language.

“What I’m trying to say is they do not watch English tv. They do not watch alternative media TV. What we are trying to say, they do not watch local newspapers in English. They stay within their community. They read only their papers and their people talking to them in their language” Mitra told Rebel News

Mitra said the Punjabi community has not been penetrated by alternative choice which is a problem and they need to be informed and the “Sikh Freedom Alliance is doing exactly that” he said

Kanwaljit Singh from the Sikh Freedom Alliance says these protests are important because “whatever wrong they [Local MPs] do, no one is going to hold them accountable” and that is why they called the movement “hold your local MP accountable” because the MPs were voted in to protect the people’s rights and to serve them”

“Every other country have relaxed the rules and I don’t know why they’re holding it on. There are programs with the globalist, the world economic forum and others that they want to introduce the digital id through the KTDI Known Traveler Digital ID Program.”

Kanwaljit Singh says the politicians use Mainstream News organizations as a platform to divide Canadians and everyone in Canada “They divide us in all these mainstream media” he said adding “They call this all these protesters are white supremacists. So we want to make them heard we aren’t white supremacists.” When politicians start taking our freedoms away “we’re going to protest and we’re going to stand united” everyone in Canada.

It’s all about Canadians and actually not even Canadians just human beings on earth. When all these politicians take away our freedoms away we’re going to protest and we’re going to stand united”

When Kanwaljit Singh was asked why he thinks Surrey keeps voting red he said the new immigrants from Punjab are scared they won’t get their PR status or citizenship so they have no choice but to submit to the government.

“when they come here they just want to be you know permanent resident be citizens so they have to obey by these governments that gave them that relax this immigration rules” Kanwaljit Singh said.

When they went to the Gurudwaras and spoke with thousands “they said they were forced to take these vaccines they didn’t wanted it” because they knew they won’t be able to work or travel and some feared “if they didn’t get it and if they speak up, their immigration status, the process will be impacted. They’re afraid they will be sent back”

Liberal MP Randeep Sarai made headlines recently at a Liberal fund raiser for his comments of the event that ended up having a pro-freedom protest showed up on the street outside.

The CBC used MP Sarai as the source for the racist allegations, initially reporting that Trudeau cancelled his visit at a posh Liberal $1000-per-plate fundraiser after racial slurs were shouted and later revising their headline to reflect this.

There have been no videos surfacing to back up these “racial slurs” allegations from first person account with all the cameras at the protest rolling. Currently the “racial slurs” allegations are just that with no evidence.

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