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“Not a single positive reaction” to Vancouver Commodore Ballroom going cashless

The Commodore Ballroom posted late Monday afternoon they will no longer be accepting cash as payment, the comment sections has been flood with dissatisfied patrons with questions anger and concern.

According to the posts, there is no reason given to why they have made the switch with a full stop to cash which has taken effect immediately.

The Commodore website outline the venue has already stopped accepting paper tickets therefore only accepting mobile ticketing for all the event this year.

Only digital forms forms of payments will be accept such as Debit cards and credit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)

Debit cards, mobile forms of payment, and credit cards (like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) will still be accepted at the box office and inside the venue. 

Since Commodore Ballroom is now refusing to take cash as payment there will no longer be any ATM’s available on site.

“Commodore Ballroom is now an entirely cashless venue, and only major credit cards, debit cards, and mobile forms of payment will be accepted at all events. Select points of sale at artist merchandise may still accept cash.”

“This is really disappointing”

“This is really disappointing, Commodore. It’s an exclusionary policy that prevents some people from participating in events.”

Another comment says the move is “not inclusive” to all of its clients.

“Apparently the Commodore is not aware that refusing cash is a discriminatory act and they’re asking for a BC human rights complaint. (It discriminates against those with poor credit who might not have access to debit/credit cards and electronic payments).”

A short debate ensued on this thread with one user implying because it is 2022 there is no need for cash. which another user arguing there could be outages that prevent payments.

“and?? what happens when interac goes down?? cash is king.”

With this move it will have the government reaching in to the pockets employees as they will need to pay tax on their tips, according to other comments.

“I am sure that even the employees h8 this idea as well because now your govt (which ♥️’s you and cares about you lol) has complete control over the staffs “tips” as well so they are forced to pay more tax.🤬”

One Twitter user left a comment pointing out people will need to pay service fees on every transaction from food to merchandise

“So basically we’ll be paying service charges to buy merch or drinks. Not liking it.”

“Not a single positive reaction to this announcement. People are pissed.” replied another user.

“New World Order”

With the digital purchases only and some worried employees will now have to fork over tax money for their tips, some are worried this is another policy brought forward by “The new world order” according to Instagram comments.

“The new world order has put pressure on the little guy”

Yesterday BC Rise reached out to the Commodore Ballroom for comment, at the time of posting this article we still have not received any response. 

With onset of Covid-19, According to the Bank of Canada “There are many individuals who, for a variety of reasons, do not have access to credit or debit cards and must pay with coins and bills.”. The Bank of Canada has also advised of ways a business can still accept cash when there was a Covid pandemic.

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  1. I have not been to the commodore ball room I live within 5 blocks of it and I wanted to go to see an act playing there in July , but since we only have one from of legal tender in Canada and you don’t accept it I refuse to support your venue.


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