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“It needs to stop. Now!” Woke Chilliwack school board trustee responds to a petition calling for her resignation

Chilliwack School board chair and trustee Willow Reichelt responded to a petition calling for her resignation labelling it “mean spirited.”

On Sunday Reichelt posted a statement in a long thread on Twitter denouncing the petition calling for her resignation. Reichelt used a familiar style in her social media post, “There is a tiny but loud minority” of individuals she wrote, “

Using a similar style of messaging as Justin Trudeau, Reichelt quickly labeled the petitioner and supporters, “There is a tiny but loud minority in our city” Reichelt said, adding “who don’t believe LGBTQ+ people have equal rights and who want LGBTQ+ representation excluded from learning resources.”

“They are working with those from outside our community to bully and harass me into resigning. It won’t work.”

Reichelt claimed the petition is some how being influenced by a foreign actor from outside of Canada. Reichelt neglected to provided any evidence or explanation why she thinks the petition to oust her as Chilliwack school board chair and trustee is driven by foreign influence.

She suggests many of the signatures are by “anonymous and uninformed people from all over Canada and the USA.” going on to label the petition as a “harassment campaign.”

She claims “Anyone participating in this campaign is doing serious damage.” and demands to have no opposition. “It needs to stop. Now!”

“I am not resigning from my position as trustee. I am not being removed from my position as trustee,” she began. “I strongly support the rights of LGBTQ+ people to be treated as full and equal members of our society. I strongly support anti-racism and reconciliation. I also support the right to read and the right for students to see themselves represented in our learning resources.

“The people of Chilliwack had their chance to weigh in on these topics in the October municipal election. They overwhelmingly selected candidates who support diversity and inclusion. I will continue to work hard to ensure that SD33 is a safe and welcoming place for all students, parents and staff.”

Reichelt insists the petition is “rooted in lies” saying that the videos posted with the petition were cherry picked to make her look bad.

Reichelt insists she doesn’t censor options she disagrees with. Reichelt tweeted she doesn’t allow “comments that are discriminatory or defamatory, or comments that spread deliberate misinformation.”

Reichelt neglected to provide any examples of “discriminatory” or “defamatory,” comments and no examples of deliberate misinformation” being spread.

The a petition which first went up on last week has garnished 4,569 signatures at the time of writing this article on April 26, 2023 and accuses Reichelt of censoring voices that oppose her woke progressive ideology.

Carpenter’s petition cites Chilliwack School District policy 121 which states “The Board Chair is an equal, with no more power or authority than any other trustee. Although the Chair assumes a leadership role, they must adhere to the Board’s directions and may not act unilaterally.”

“How are the parents and concerned residents, supposed to get their valued opinions heard?’ Carpenter asked. “After all, they encompass the first and final responsibility of their children and have every right not only to know what is happening in schools but have a say, if they are in disagreement.”

“She will also shut off the mic of fellow trustees, if their opinion doesn’t align with hers. She has also raised her voice, scoffed, laughed at and belittled, the ones trying to speak.”

The board recently censured Trustee Heather Maahs for suggesting that kids belong to their parents and not the school after she voiced concerns about the district’s proposal to require photo ID to attend public meetings.

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