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Indigenous protestors in Kamloops heckled Trudeau

Indigenous protesters heckled Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his visit to Kamloops, BC.

On Monday was a ceremony Trudeau attended to mark the one year anniversary of the discovery of suspected unmarked graves at a former residential school site.

After Trudeau’s speech he was greeted with protesters, who disagree with him and exercised freedom of speech.

While passing the protesters we can clearly hear one man shout, “Take your disrespect out of our tribe!” while others sing and play traditional drums.

In the video we can see Trudeau was surrounded by a crowd of people including security, protestors and journalists.

Trudeau completely ignored the criticism and instead of addressing he continued walking away on to stop for a selfie someone.

Another video shows Trudeau giving a speech in which we can hear Indigenous protestors heckling Trudeau shouting You’re not welcome here. Instead of addressing the discontent for him he told the protestors to respect their elders. A protestor shouts back “You’re a criminal!” Trudeau says “Thank you”.

Trudeau’s visit had been anticipated for a long time, but for some, it was too little, too late. The prime minister famously bailed on the Kamloops’ invitation to attend the first-ever Truth and Reconciliation Day ceremonies in 2021, preferring to go surfing in Tofino instead.

Even though he apologized, it was insufficient for some. Chief Casimir of Kamloops publicly chastised Trudeau, describing the palpable “shock, anger, sorrow, and disbelief” caused by the prime minister’s decision to go surfing.

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