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ICBC licence plate decals are gone forever starting May 1

The little ICBC date stickers on your licence plate are now a thing of the past.

Starting May 1, 2022 the valid insurance decal displaying the month and year of the expiry will no longer be required on B.C. vehicles.

However, you will not need to remove the decals and you have a choice to cover them up or just leave it alone.

In a written statement by ICBC said the expiry decal is no longer needed for the police to see if the insurance is valid or not because Police in B.C. have access to vehicle information through CPIC and other means to check licence and insurance validity. The police use Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) on a daily basis to scan license plates.

The change coincides with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s debut of its online insurance renewals. The official launch date for online renewals is May 1, but thousands of ICBC customers have already taken advantage of it. The process, according to the insurer, can be conducted up to 44 days before a policy ends and takes less than 10 minutes on average. It’s possible to do it on a phone, tablet, or computer.

Insurance brokers will still be available at brick and mortar locations for old school renewals

Insurance brokers will remain available for old-school renewals, but nearly three-quarters of respondents in a recent Ipsos survey said they plan to renew online.

One thing that will not be changing and you must be sure to follow is keeping a copy of your insurance papers in your vehicle at all times. Anyone without access to a printer can contact a broker to get printed copies.

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