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Coastal GasLink attack: video of axe-wielding terrorists with flare guns released by Police

The footage from Feb. 17 shows terrorists with flare guns and axes at a work camp that suffered millions of dollars in damage

Police have released videos of people carrying axes, attacking a truck terrorizing a company employee inside, and throwing flares at a Coastal GasLink camp near Houston, British Columbia.

The footage that was obtained by RCMP show a violent attack from Feb 17, RCMP called “acts of violence and damage”, just after midnight, when police say about 20 people, possibly more, cut locks to break in to the property then damaged heavy equipment and threatened workers.

Video #1

Video shows two people armed with axes walking up to a vehicle

Chief Supt. Warren Brown, commander of the north district RCMP, has called the attack a “calculated and organized violent attack that left its victims shaken and a multimillion-dollar path of destruction.”

Coastal GasLink said attackers used grinders to cut locks on a gate, entering an active construction site. They damaged heavy equipment and construction trailers, causing millions of dollars in damage. More precise estimates were not yet available.

According to Coastal GasLink, attackers used grinders to cut locks on a gate and break in to an active construction site. They caused millions of dollars in damage to heavy equipment and construction trailers. There were no more specific estimations available at the time.

The attackers also slashed hydraulic and fuel lines on the machinery, causing dangerous leaks. The company stated that it was working to keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

Video #2

Video shows two people with axes walk up to a pickup truck, hit the truck with the axe as the vehicle backs up then drives forward

Coastal GasLink said in a statement the attackers surrounded some of its workers in a “highly planned” and “unprovoked” assault near the Morice River drill pad site off the forest service road.

“In one of the most concerning acts, an attempt was made to set a vehicle on fire while workers were inside,” said the company in a statement. “The attackers also wielded axes, swinging them at vehicles and through a truck’s window. Flare guns were also fired at workers.”

Video #3

Video shows several people, similarly dressed, one wearing a strobe light, swinging axes, spray painting and setting off flare guns.

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