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BC Premier David Eby hit with backlash over “trans women are women” tweet

Premier David Eby wrote in a tweet the slogan “trans women are women” on International Women’s Day and was hit with widespread backlash on social media.

Outrage from the public was sparked immediately after Eby the premier of British Columbia tweeted the slogan on Wednesday morning. This came following the same theme earlier with Justin Trudeau also tweeting the slogan “trans women are women.”

it’s “Sickening how every politician’s women’s day posts are focused on men and their demands to takeover womanhood.” said a Twitter user.

David Eby was also accused of disrespecting women and endorsing misogynistic views on International Women’s Day.

A twitter user disagreed with the slogan saying gender is not open to an individuals interpretation and women have come too far to be ignored.

Eby was also called out for claiming anyone that disagrees with his opinion is “hateful”.

“Since 1917 International Women’s Day has been celebrated Internationally . Not Trans day or Two Spirit or non binary day . Disagreeing with Ebys opinion doesn’t make me a hater. Get a woman to explain it to you Dave.”

Journalist Jonathan Kay joked about David Eby doubling down every time “somebody brings up the reality of human biology”

In less than one hour later Kay posted an update that unelected British Columbia Premier David Eby blocked him on Twitter for having an opinion, which raises other questions.

“The premier of BC blocked me for talking about biology” Kay wrote adding a screen shot to the post.

A Twitter user using the name Siobhan that appears to be a BC resident was blocked by David Eby for replying to him with a photo of her self with a message tell Eby to stay off her rights.

She followed up with another tweet saying:

“The Premier of British Columbia is blocking BCers and hiding replies to his insulting tweet telling women, on #InternationalWomensDay no less, that men are women if he says so. This BC woman will remember #IWD2023”

Canadian journalist Terry Glavin may think someone is trying to get votes.

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