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BC Health Minister Adrian Dix claims unvaccinated heath care workers put patients at risk

British Columbia’s healthcare system is in shambles and keeps getting worse with ER closures and long wait times to see a doctor.

British Columbia is now the last province in Canada that is still clinging to their healthcare worker Covid-19 vaccine mandates.

On CTV News Health Minister Adrian Dix claimed unvaccinated heath care workers put patients at risk but neglected to provide “the why” with rationale and supporting evidence.

The BC government is still holding the province hostage punishing residents and healthcare workers through a Public Health Order to require all healthcare workers in the province to have 2 jabs of the Covid-19 shots. The public health order was introduced by Public Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry and BC Health Minister Adrian Dix at the end of 2021 and in full force at the beginning of 2022.

“I do not agree with those who say that – that um – that the health of our – the vulnerable people – the people in hospital, the people who are in long term care, is – is something that we should anyway put at risk”

Health care services have gotten worse with record levels of ER closures and staffing shortages since Dr. Bonny Henry started demanding health care workers get 2 shots of Covid-19 “vaccine” and share their health information with her to prove they got it in order to keep their job.

The BC BDP government is trying to ram through Bill 36 to impose a permeant invasive Covid-19 mandate on healthcare workers among many other things such as censoring medical professionals.

Critics argue the Covid-19 vaccine mandate for health care workers is hypocritical because unvaccinated patients and visitors can roam around the hospitals. It becomes illogical and irrational when the policy allows health care workers with the so-called “primary series” of Covid-19 shots to continue working when testing positive with Covid-19.

Real world data, statistics and peer reviewed studies prove the Covid-19 shots do not stop any transmission or infection which renders the Covid-19 “vaccine” mandate illogical if the idea is “unvaccinated” put others at risk.

Claiming unvaccinated health care workers put patients at risk automatically implies Covid-19 stops at the “vaccine” when in fact it doesn’t.

Dr. Bonnie Henry has known since 2021 that British Columbians were suffering from severe vaccine injuries from the Covid-19 vaccine. She was also aware that healthy young adults are low to very low risk of severe illness from Covid-19 without any Covid-19 shots.

mandate Claiming unvaccinated healthcare workers are a riskimplies the Covid-19 “vaccine” stops infection and transmission of Covid-19, which in fact it doesn’t.

BC Rise wrote to the BC Health Minister Adrian Dix asking for “the why” and rationale including supporting evidence. Unfortunately he did not respond to impose Covid-19 vaccine mandates on health care workers. Unfortunately he did not respond. Below you can can view the questions we ask him.

Questions BC Rise asked Health Minister Adrian Dix

You and David Eby announced spending taxpayer money on non residents and non taxpayers to train and upgrade nurses.

The Covid-19 lessons learned review concluded the government and PHO have repeatedly failed to provide rationale and “the why” a decision was made.

 The explanations provided for PHO guidance were insufficient. “There was little effort to explain apparently inconsistent public health measures.” the report found.

“Even some people inside the health-care system told us that they did not understand why some decisions had been made.”

According to Bonnie Henry when the Covid-19 vaccine mandate came into effect for healthcare workers, the healthcare system was projected to lose 4,000 fully trained and competent health care workers. These workers keep asking the government to let them work but they are being sidelined from the government because of exercising their rights to either use their freedom of choice and not be injected with the Covid-19 vaccine or simply value rights to personal medical information privacy and disagree with vaccine passports.

What is the real number of healthcare workers fired, laid off because of the mandates. Many also quit using the reason of “retired” instead of outing themselves as not vaccinated or just pro privacy. How many of them actually quit because of the mandate and not because they wanted to retire?

Provinces across the country (most notably Alberta)  have opened back up and welcomed back all the Covid-19 “unvaccinated” and presumed “unvaccinated” health care workers while the same has been seen across the world in many other nations including our neighbours at the southern border.

The public (British Columbian residents) are wondering what is the difference between “the science” in BC and everywhere else.

The launch of the Covid-19 vaccine was advertised as “B.C. launches proof of vaccination to stop spread of COVID-19”.

Source: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2021HLTH0053-001659

What is the actual goal of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate and is there any data to support the mandate to achieve said goal?

Does the goal of the Covid-19 vaccine mandate even make sense or is it a solution looking for a problem?

Secondly, the foreign students and nurses that need to do the courses from ground zero or the ones looking to upgrade. Why is B.C. spending taxpayer money on them instead of investing in our own healthcare workers that may want to upgrade or high school graduates looking to continue post secondary education to work in the healthcare industry?

Something kind of related and poses the same questions is BC Public services ovid-19 vaccine mandate for all employees, contractors and volunteers. People using the services do not need to be Covid-19 vaccinated but the ones operating it do. How does this make any sense?

One thing that also needs to be kept in mind is Dr. Bonnie Henry neglected to inform British Columbians of the risks of the Covid19 vaccine and did not inform residents of the deaths and other vaccine injuries racking up for BC residents. FOI requests revealed she knew a long time ago via other doctors sending her emails to report vaccine injuries.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said at a media available conference she has no patience for health care workers that don’t get the covid-19 shot and made the exemption rules extremely narrow. There’s 100% no tolerance in healthcare but the policy is muddy with BC Public Services but it also still has vaccine mandates for workers, contractors and volunteers.

Below is a screen shot of the letter we sent to Health Minister Adrian Dix.

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Jordan is a casual reporter for BC Rise


  1. The last time the BC-CDC released the vaccinated COVID mortality rates, 52% of the population was triple jabbed, and 76% dying from COVID were triple jabbed.

    They literally want you dead, dead, dead. “All aboard the train to Auschwitz!”. Unbelievable, crimes against humanity, these politicians and so called ‘health-beaurocrats’ should be *ung like the nazi docters in WW2.


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