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B.C. Liberals voted to rebrand the party to B.C. United

The members have voted and it is settled, the B.C. Liberals will be renamed to B.C. United.

80% of the 8,000 members who voted online between November 13 and Tuesday at 10 o’clock in the evening supported the new name. Despite having 45,000 members, the B.C. Liberals had a low voter participation.

B.C. United, according to party leader Kevin Falcon, is a broad-based party that brings people together “regardless of who they choose to love or what God they choose to pray to.”

“I’m excited to move forward as BC United because it really reflects our big tent party, united for a common purpose of making life better for British Columbians.”

Falcon’s emphasis on being a “big tent party” alludes to a gathering that accepts a variety of viewpoints.

Falcon dismissed claims that the party is moving to the right with the name change and that it is a move to court British Columbian Conservatives, who won a bigger percentage of the vote in recent byelections in Surrey South and Vancouver-Quilchena, Falcon’s constituency.

Falcon expressed criticism to soon-to-be-sworn-in BC Premier David Eby during a press conference regarding the name change on Wednesday morning, focusing on crime in Vancouver and the circumstance in the Downtown Eastside.

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