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3 in 4 Canadians say governments over-tax families

According to a new report three quarters of Canadians believe the average family is paying too much tax.

The report released by the Fraser Institute on Thursday revealed 74% of Canadians feel the average family pays too much tax to federal, provincial and local governments

“There is a large discrepancy between what the average family actually pays in total
taxes versus what Canadians believe the average family should be paying,” said Jake
Fuss, associate director of fiscal studies at the Fraser and author of Polling Canadians
on Taxes for the Average Family.

According to the report, the average Canadian family paid 45.2% of their total income on federal, provincial, and local taxes which is a “substantial increase from 1981” when the average Canadian family saw a tax bill of 40.8% of its income.

“It’s clear that many Canadian families don’t believe they’re getting value from their
taxes,” said Fuss.

When the poll was broken down by region they all relatively had the same view that taxes are too high for the average family. British Columbia 73%, Alberta 71%, Parries 79%, Ontario 73%, Quebec 74% and Atlantic Canada 77%.

Eight in ten (80%) of Canadians said the average family should be paying 40% or less in total taxes to all governments. When asked a follow up question of what they believe an appropriate tax burden would be, the majority (52%) of respondents said the average family should pay 25% or less of its income in total taxes.

Nearly half (44%) of Canadians believe their governments provide poor services while only 16% of Canadians believe they are getting “good value” or “great value” and 28% of respondents believe they receive satisfactory value.

Compared to the national average, 49% of residents in British Columbian believe they receive poor value for taxes and only 19% believe they Receive good value.

The BC NDP government just announced its budget 2023 which contains several new tax increases. The carbon tax is set to triple by 2030 and in turn jacking up the costs of fuel, groceries and home heating. Several municipalities across British Columbia are looking to jack up taxes anywhere form 9% to 15%.

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