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‘Swarming incident’ against Coastal Gaslink security worker, five people arrested

RCMP in Houston, B.C. said it responded to “another act of violence” against Coastal Gaslink personnel at a remote worksite but this time arrests were made.

The attack took place on Sunday, March 26. The Houston RCMP were dispatched to 43km mark of Morice West Forest service road responding to a report by CGL security that a worker had been “swarmed” by a group of individuals wearing masks and camouflage.

According to the police it was reported the group fried off flares causing the workers to flee the violent intimidation. The masked group “gained access” to a vehicle when the worker left. It’s currently being reported by police that an unknown liquid was poured onto the vehicle and a chainsaw was stolen from the truck bed.

“The RCMP fully supports peaceful, safe and lawful protest. Criminal acts by persons under the guise of protesting, particularly the violence exhibited by the suspects in this instance, will not be tolerated.” RCMP stated in a media release.

Houston police said they also exacted a search warrant on March 29, 2023. The search warrant was exacted at two location on Morice Forest Service Road, the Lamprey Provincial campground site and a location at 44.5 km.

Five occupants of the 44.5 km camp were arrested for obstruction of a peace officer. Four refused to cooperate with police direction and one attempted to prevent members from executing the warrant.

Police say the investigation into this matter is ongoing.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Yintah Access said that the C-IRG unit of the RCMP has been intimidating Wet’suwet’en people and disrupting traditional events.

“In the days leading to this police action, RCMP C-IRG have been found patrolling Wet’suwet’en traplines and cultural use areas, harassing and intimidating Wet’suwet’en members and disrupting constitutionally protected Wet’suwet’en cultural activities,” the release alleged.

“Members of a private security firm hired by Coastal Gaslink pipeline, Forsythe, have also escalated harassment and surveillance efforts against Wet’suwet’en members in recent days.”

Last year CGL security and employees were terrorized on Morice River Forest Service Road by a group of masked people armed wielding axes shooting flares at the workers, setting fires and causing millions of dollars worth of damage. Police were ambushed with flaming sticks thrown at them and found booby traps in the forest when they arrived to investigate.

Still to this day no arrest have been made and the RCMP remains hush hush on that investigation.

Additionally no arrest have been made on other incidents that occurred near Smithers where government vehicles were torched which included, emergency vehicles, BC Hydro, at least one RCMP vehicle belonged to the C-IRG unit.

Earlier this month a BC Liberal MLA sounded the alarm about an “anonymous” post detailing alleged evidence of terrorist activity. The post claims to have sabotaged the Coastal Gaslink pipeline construction project by damaging sections of pipe and protective covers. If these claims are true and the damage is not found there a possibility it kill someone or cause massive damages to the environment.

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