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RCMP investigate mischief for manure dump at BC Primer John Horgan’s office

It was a stinky situation at BC Premier John Horgan’s office on Vancouver Island.

On Thursday May 25, activists for Save Old Growth delivered a load of manure to the door step of John Horgan’s office, signs included with one reading “John doesn’t give a sh*t, so we gave him some.”

The West Shore RCMP said in a statement they are aware and currently investigating mischief at John Horgan’s MLA Community Office in Langford.

According to police they received a report of approximately 5 people dumping bags of manure at the front doors and throwing it on the doors. The incident happened around 9:00am and when police arrived around 9:30am the suspects had already left the scene.

In security footage released by RCMP we can see one individual who appears to be a woman with her hands full of manure throwing it on to the roof of the building.

From the video footage this individual was wearing her mask to keep other people safe. she was also wearing a light grey jacket with a zipper on the front, black pants and grey shoes. The same suspect is seen in other images wearing what appears to be a purple backpack.

Please are asking the public to contact them if they recognize anyone in the photographs or video or observed a vehicle associated to this incident, please contact the West Shore RCMP at 250-474-2264.

Despite the government’s campaign promises to execute all 14 recommendations of the old-growth strategic review panel, the group says it is tired of the NDP government’s inaction to protect old-growth forests.

“The Premier himself promised a ‘paradigm shift’ for the forestry industry in BC, an overdue and necessary step in protecting old growth. Instead, we’re continuing the same outdated, crappy policies and practices we’ve had for decades.” – Alexi Hu, supporter of Save Old Growth.

The group demands that the BC NDP Horgan government push threw legislation to immediately end all old-growth logging in the province of BC

“after years of petitions, marches, and letter-writing campaigns to protect old-growth forests, it’s clear that everyday BC citizens must hold the government accountable; we have a moral responsibility to uphold the government’s own promises. The provincial government’s inaction to protect these old-growth forests amounts to negligence when addressing climate chaos.” the group said in a statement release.

How the government responded

In a statement, Mike Farnworth, Minister of Public Safety says, “Peaceful protest is part of our democratic society. On the other hand, vandalizing property, preventing people from accessing services, and harassing local businesses is deplorable behavior.”

“For those who employ these reprehensible tactics, I can assure you that you achieve nothing but increasing the frustration of the local community. In this instance, I would also like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the local residents and business owners who quickly helped clean up the public area.”

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