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Elon Musk announces “long-form text”, monetization for “all forms of content” and your opinions don’t matter unless you pay $8/mo

On Saturday Elon Musk announced some new features coming to Twitter.

The features expected to be coming will be a change to the length of tweets and a new creators incentive to stay on the platform.

Twitter use to be limited to 140 characters and doubled that limit for creators to 280. For years all types of Twitter users complain about the limit and often having to take a screenshot of a notepad.

With Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk at the helm that looks like it’s about to change.

“Twitter will soon add ability to attach long-form text to tweets, ending absurdity of notepad screenshots” Wrote Musk.

It’s currently unknown if this feature will be available for all users or just Twitter users paying the platform $8/mo for the blue checkmark.

The next feature announced appears to be one to entice creators to engage on the platform. The creator monetization will expand from video to now include “all forms of content”.

The idea of this is currently pretty simple to work in a similar way that TikTok, YouTube and Facebook pay their creators for content.

During an interview Musk reveals long-form video coming soon and the start of his idea to combat spam, bots, trolls and organizations trying to manipulate public opinion.

Long videos: currently users can only upload videos that are no longer than 2:10 (2 minutes 10 seconds). There’s currently a process to get approved to upload longer video through Studio Twitter and the ads program. He did specifically say Long-form video, long-form audio, podcasts.

The way Musk plans to combat spam, bots, trolls and organizations trying to manipulate the public opinion is with the paid membership for $8/mo to get a blue checkmark.

It appears your opinions aren’t good enough to show up in the search and your replies don’t matter unless you pay $8/mo for the blue checkmark.

Pay user accounts with blue checkmarks will always have priority over free membership without the blue checkmark.

Prioritized search, replies and mentions: your tweets, replies, media and mentions will be prioritised to the top with other paid blue checkmark users and anyone not paying to use Twitter will automatically be buried at the bottom of search results, visible replies and mentions with the rest of the free users.

Elon says more details are coming in two weeks:

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