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Trudeau’s government wants to change the definition of Covid-19 “fully vaccinated” when there’s no such thing with Covid-19

Instead of saying on going medical intervention for the Covid-19 shots. The Trudeau government wants to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” known around the world for decades as actually being vaccinated and not needing a follow up of the same vaccination continuously every couple months.

“That is why we are transitioning now to an ‘up-to-date’ vaccination definition of what it means to be adequately protected against COVID-19.” 

According to Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, the government is working on a new definition for “fully vaccinated.”

Duclos stated that the administration is “transitioning” to a new approach, but provided no timeline for the change and obviously lacking in the details.

“Although two doses still protects significantly well against severe disease and death,” Duclos said, “two doses are not enough to protect against infection and transmission.” He cited Canada’s chief public health officer, Dr. Theresa Tam.

On Tuesday, Cabinet ministers reviewed their plans to modify the definition while also declaring the end of federal vaccine mandates for domestic and international flights, railroads, and civil personnel.

The discriminatory mandates that have been in place since October 2021 will come to an end on Monday, June 20.

“That is why we are transitioning now to an ‘up-to-date’ vaccination definition of what it means to be adequately protected against COVID-19.” 

Duclos expressed his feelings the so-called “booster” rate is too low, as if it is a race of some sort with other nations. In the next weeks and months, he will work closely with provinces and territories to greatly improve booster uptake, stating that “the rate of boosters in Canada is too low.”

As of May 30, 55.50% of Canadians aged 12 and over had received their third Covid-19 vaccination dosage, while around 35% of those over 70 had received their fourth dose.

Tam previously testified in parliament that two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine offered only 20% protection against the Omicron strain, whereas three doses offered 60% protection.

Last Friday, she also told the media that she had proposed that the language used to urge COVID-19 vaccinations focus on “up to date” vaccine regimens rather than a particular number of doses.

“(A) mandate is a policy decision that takes into account many different factors and it’s up to the policymakers at this time to make that difficult decision. But I would always be going with recommending ‘up to date,’” said Tam.

While the federal vaccine mandates are ending next week, the Trudeau government said Tuesday that they would be re-implemented in the future if necessary. The government also said future vaccine mandates would rely on an up-to-date definition of “fully vaccinated”.

“With what Dr. Tam said last Friday, it would not be possible to return to a two-dose (vaccine) mandate… measures would have to rely on, starting now, a vaccination definition that is up-to-date,” said Duclos in French.

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