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Trudeau Liberals claim ‘we are still in a pandemic’ to justify continuing hybrid House of Commons

The liberals just can’t move on “we’re still in a pandemic” they claim.

The Trudeau Liberals want the hybrid House of Commons that was set up at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to be extended for another year. Despite the significantly improved public health situation.

During a press conference on Monday, Government House Leader Mark Holland announced plans to introduce a motion to extend hybrid Parliament, which allows MPs to call in for work from wherever they are rather than attending in person, until 2023.

“We are still in a pandemic reality, and… we need the tools to ensure that members of Parliament participate fully in the proceedings of Parliament,” Holland said.

According to CTV News, Holland stated that he has contacted the House leaders of the opposition parties about the plan, which he claims will be implemented before the motion allowing for hybrid sittings expires on Thursday.

Currently MPs can participate from home, virtually or from their constituency offices. Mps have also been able to vote virtually.

However, some members of the Opposition argue that an improved public health situation, as well as obstacles encountered by translators, are reasons to abandon the hybrid system.

“Canadians elect their representatives to serve them in Ottawa, not to hide behind a computer screen or a voting app. Canadians are going back to work in person. It is time for Members of Parliament to do the same,” Conservative House Leader John Brassard in late May.

Several awkward or bad occurrences have occurred during virtual Parliament meetings, including the usage of the F-bomb by former House Leader Pablo Rodriguez, as well as an instance involving Liberal MP Will Amos, who was photographed roaming about naked after a bike ride. Later on, Amos would have to apologise for peeing on Zoom audio.

Last week the federal government announced it was suspending the vaccine passport to enter the house of commons. Keeping the hybrid policy keeps the door open for the Liberals and NDP to clamp back down with vaccine mandates when they desire.

Virtual Parliament has been the cause for several awkward or unfortunate incidents during meetings, including the use of the F-bomb by the likes of then-House Leader Pablo Rodriguez, as well as an incident involving Liberal MP Will Amos, who was shown walking around naked after a bike ride. Amos would later have to apologize for peeing on Zoom audio.

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