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Trudeau calls for an early election.

OTTAWA – The liberal party leader Justin Trudeau visited Rideau Hall to request to dissolve the government. The request was granted by Gov. Gen Mary Simon, triggering a call for an election. Even while under opposition from Conservatives, NDP and the Greens asking for a hold on the election because of the COVID-19 pandemic and a “4th wave” coming.

Canadians are expected to go to the polls September 20.

Trudeau went to speak at a news conference after meeting Simon that his government did not expect COVID-19. Canadians need to choose how the country finishes the fight against COVID-19, he said

“In this pivotal, consequential moment, who wouldn’t want a say? Who wouldn’t want their chance to decide where our country goes from here?” Trudeau asked

“As much as we’ve done over the past many, many months, we’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. … You deserve a say, because this is your moment.

The Liberals have gone on record saying they are incapable of running the country with a minority government. The call for the election Justin Trudeau is trying to secure a majority government for total absolute control because as a minority government the people have a chance to block any overreaching policy or laws pushed forward by the government. As a majority there is no friction andbthey can just ram everythimg through secretly and without discussion.

On the other hand opposition saw this coming and have been tourcing the country in a campaign-style to spread their word and information about their platforms. Maxime Bernier leader of the People’s Party of Canada has been vocal about Trudeau spending tax payer money on campaigning to make pre election promises.

2 years ago the Liberals were reduced to a minority government showing less confidence in the party at the polls. But Trudeau now hopes the satisfaction of his handling of the pandemic can swing more votes his way as he gambles for a majority government. Trudeau is really banking on the unprecedented billions doled out in emergency aid to manipulate the people to vote for him.

Everyone needs to jump on the reading boat and start looking over the platforms because election day is only about 4 weeks away.

Click the links to check all the party promises

People’s Party of Canada – Platform

Liberals – Our plan

Conservatives – Plan

NDP – commitments

Green Party of Canada – Our vision

Bloc Quebecois – Platform

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