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Opposition slams NDPs and Liberals over ‘Power grab’, keeping Canada under Trudeau’s command until 2025

The Liberals and NDP were shredded by Conservative and Bloc Québécois MPs for their agreement on Tuesday, accusing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of “desperately clinging” to power and NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh of “voting on command” for the government.

On Tuesday Justin Trudeau confirmed his minority left-wing Liberal government has reached a deal with Canada’s far left-wing socialist party NDP to prop up the Trudeau government effectively making it a majority government Canadians didn’t vote for.

Just six months after Trudeau’s selfish reelection bid for a Liberal majority government fell flat on its face he has been desperately seeking more power and control.

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has agreed to prop up the failing Liberal minority government in a agreement.

The agreement will enable Canada to be stuck under Trudeau’s left-wing rule until 2025.

Trudeau announced the agreement as a “confidence and supply” agreement Tuesday morning. Apparently it doesn’t make the NDP part of the government and the NDP will not get a position in Trudeau’s cabinet. However NDP guarantees their support on budgets and other confidence measures through 2025.

Recently Trudeau was unclear if the vote to invoke the Emergencies Act was a “confidence” vote or not so it is unclear what defines a “confidence and supply” vote to the Liberals and the NDP. When they invoked the Emergencies Act it clearly showed there was no limits to what they could call a “confidence” vote.

While Singh has signed his support for the Liberal agenda for the next three years, he insists to reporters he didn’t give Trudeau permission to do what ever he wants.

“We will remain an opposition party. We will continue putting questions to the government. We will vote against things. We have that power, and we will continue to use it,” Singh said. “We also have the option of withdrawing our agreement.”

Interim Conservative Leader Candice Bergen accused Trudeau of deceiving Canadians by forming an “NDP-Liberal majority government.”

“This is nothing more than a Justin Trudeau power grab, he is desperately clinging to power,” she told a morning press conference. “Make no mistake the NDP are in charge.”

She went on to accuse both parties of conspiring to ruin Canada’s oil, gas, and natural resource industries, even accusing them of aiding Russia and President Vladimir Putin while he fought a murderous invasion of Ukraine.

Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet accused Singh of becoming the Liberals’ lackey in the House of Commons and creating an unneeded “false” Liberal majority government.

“There was no emergency, there was no instability, and there were surely other priorities, namely taking care of people who are living in much more distress than the prime minister’s career plans,” Blanchet told reporters.

He argued that both parties would now have more power to trample on provincial jurisdictions such as health care.

He also fought back against Trudeau’s accusations that the deal was necessary because “toxic partisanship” and “dysfunction” was bogging down Parliament.

“Anybody who is not in agreement with Mr. Trudeau is qualified as being toxic. We are in a democracy, and we are not forced to believe what he believes, to do what he commands, and to agree with whatever he says or does,” the Bloc leader said.

Only the Green Party of Canada expressed positivity for the agreement, with Interim Leader Amita Kuttner and MPs Elizabeth May and Michael Morrice stating that they were “happy” to support it

“We’re very glad to see the spirit of cooperation. It’s something we’ve always championed, we’re happy to work for and we’re glad to see no matter who’s doing it.  We’re also very happy to see commitments to pharmacare and dental care, especially for children,” Kuttner told reporters.

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