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B.C. United the top choice for B.C. Liberals new name

“BC United is a fresh alternative that expresses the Party’s longstanding commitment to unity across a broad coalition of party members, as well as highlighting British Columbia front and centre in the name choice,” a release from the party reads.

B.C. United pushed forward after over 2,000 suggestions were submitted over a three-month period.

The B.C. Liberals leader Kevin Falcon announced a party name change during his leadership campaign to become the leader of the party.

The party says that more than two-thirds of the delegates who participated in the Penticton convention last June voted in favour of taking into consideration a new name.

The party says B.C. United is a novel alternative that emphasises the name of the province while expressing a commitment to cohesion among a large coalition of supporters.

Although the B.C. Liberals have traditionally described themselves as a combination of federal Liberals and Conservatives committed to free market, some party members feel that this description has alienated conservative-leaning voters.

In light of the fact that the BC Liberals have no influence over when the next election will take place, the party says that, should the name be approved by party members, it will be used in a wise and responsible manner.

“We are going to be smart about this, and that’s been the commitment from the beginning,” BC Liberal vice-president Caroline Elliott said.

“The NDP have broken the fixed election law before — calling a selfish snap election at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic — and they won’t hesitate to do it again.

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