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With no evidence Trudeau blames Russia for destroying Kakhovka dam

During Prime Ministers trip to Ukraine he blamed Russia for the explosion at the dam in Crimea.

Justin Trudeau was called out by reports for his statement of laying blame of the Kakhovka dam being destroyed despite no evidence coming just short of blaming Russia of directly blowing up the dam.

Justin Trudeau said he wasn’t visiting Ukraine to check on the dam. The purpose of the trip is to virtue signal “my support for the Ukraine” said Trueadu.

“I know there are investigators and there are a lot of questions and intelligence being analyzed on what exactly happened to have this dam collapse.” Trudeau acknowledged there’s currently no supporting evidence to blame Russia directly for the collapse of the dam.

“But there is not doubt in my mind that absent Russia’s invasion of last February that dam would be standing today.” said Trudeau despite not being able to provide proof.

Trudeau then followed up with a word salad and a vague generalized statement that Russia Didn’t invade Ukraine last year the dam would still be standing.

“So Russia and its brutal illegal invasion which over overturned the rules based order and flew in the face of the UN charter is responsible of death deviation and ecological horror that is the collapse of that dam.”

“I have no doubt in my mind that Russia is responsible for the collapse of that dam” Trudeau asserted one more time.

When Trudeau was asked to clarify if he would fully accept that Russia blew up the dam he said his main focus on this trip is to announce his plan of borrowing more money at the expense of Canadian taxpayer to shower the Ukraine with. Justin Trudeau pledged another $500 million dollars to Ukraine while Canadian armed forces troops are forced to pay for their own meals, helmets and other gear.

The United States Department of Defense was at a media conference on June 8, 2023 and advised the media and public they have no clue who blew up the Kakhovka dam which in turn means they have no motive.

“We have not at this time. We’re still continuing to look at that.” Gen. Ryder said when asked if they have started to investigate who blew up the dam.

Leaders of some European nations have jumped in quick to blame Russia for blowing up the dam and have called it an “example” of Russian terrorism.

“It’s improbable that Russia destroyed the dam” Global News

Gen Ryder eventually doubled down and just blamed Russia anyway claiming the dam wouldn’t have gotten destroyed if Russia didn’t invade Ukraine in the first place in February 2022 despite minutes before he acknowledged Kakhovka Dam is located in Russian-occupied territory and could leave Crimea without water for a decade the Washington Post reported last year about an idea Ukraine solders were thinking of destroying the dam to flood the area in an attempt to prevent Russian advancements.

Since last year Russia has been blamed for several incidents that is it didn’t do or there’s no evidence to lay the blame on Russia.

Russia was accused of a missile strike in Poland which later was revealed it was actually friendly fire coming from Ukraine.

When Nordstream 2 pipe line blew up Russia was initially blamed for destroying its own cash cow pipe line. To this day there is still no solid answer who is to blame for the destruction of Nord stream 2. However the investigation points towards Ukraine or a pro Ukraine involvement. At the beginning of the war Joe Biden threatened to blow up the pipe line.

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